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Charter Security Suite for Mac - Uninstall

This tutorial will guide you through uninstalling the Charter Security Suite™ for Mac.
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Locating the Uninstaller

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Double click the Macintosh HD icon located on your desktop.

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Double click the "Applications" folder.

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Double click the "Charter Security Suite" folder.

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Running the Uninstaller

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To run the uninstaller, double click "Uninstall Charter Security Suite".

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Click the "Uninstall" button from the "Uninstallation" confirmation box to continue.

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Enter your password then click the "OK" button.

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The uninstaller will now start removing the Charter Security Suite™ from your Mac. This process should only take a few seconds to complete.


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When removal of the Charter Security Suite™ is complete, the "Uninstall complete." text box will display. Click the "OK" button to exit.


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