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Finding the WEP key on Ambit Routers

This tutorial will guide you through using finding your WEP key on Ambit routers.
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Connect to Your Router

On a computer that is currently online, open up Internet Explorer. Erase what is in the Address bar and type in “” and hit the Enter Key on the keyboard.

Ambit IP

Log in to Your Router

Log in using username and password. If you do not have this information, please contact Charter Support at 1-888-GET-CHARTER (888-438-2427).

Ambit Login

Select Wireless Security Options

Next, click on WIRELESS (along the top, underneath the Ambit logo). Then select Security.

Ambit Security

Find your WEP Key

Locate Network Key 1 at the bottom of the page and write it down. That is the WEP key.

Ambit WEP

How to Find the WPA Key

For WPA, The Ambit password that was entered in the WPA Pre-Shared Key field.

Ambit Security

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