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Charter Speed Test

Features and Descriptions



Access from any Computer on Charter’s network

 You can access the Speed Test application from any computer that has a Charter Internet connection

Provides one URL to access the Charter Speed Test servers from anywhere on the Charter network


Your speed test requests will be routed to the closest Speed Test Server on Charter’s network

This provides for the most accurate means to test network speeds

The Speed Test web page offers access to other Charter services

Link to download Charter Security Suite
Links to Charter.net, Internet Help and Support
Link to Learn more about Wireless Home Networking
Access to Online Chat Support

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Accessing the Speed Test Servers

Within a supported internet browser that has the Java software plug-in, type this address into the address field: speedtest.charter.com

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Other Speed Test Servers on the Internet

Other test servers on the internet, such as speakeasy.net or toast.net, are NOT located on Charter’s network and therefore reliant on the performance of other provider networks and speed test servers. Charter does not maintain those servers or their networks so speed test results often vary greatly.

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Using the Speed Test Server Site

Start the test by clicking Begin Test button. Refer to the image below:

Begin Test.

A series of tests begin to determine your internet connection's current download speed, upload speed, latency, and jitter values.

Testing Screen

Reading Results

Upon the completion, a table is displayed that contains your current speeds and values.

Download Speed: The number provided represents the number of Mbps your connection is allowing to travel from a website to your network. When it comes to reading, playing games, viewing video and listening to streaming music on the web, this is the key number. A high download speed is desired.

Upload Speed: The number provided represents the number of Mbps your connection allows you to send from your computer to a website. Because so much online activity is interactive, your upload speed is important because it will determine how well you are able to work with web-based applications. A high upload speed is desired.

Latency Value: The latency value represents how long it takes information to travel from one point to another. The value is measured by sending information that is returned to the sender. The round-trip time is considered the latency. A low latency value is desired.

Jitter Value: A measurement of the variance among successive ping tests. A ping test determines how long it takes for your system to reach the server and return. A low jitter value indicates that there is little difference in speed from one ping test to another which is desired.

Results Screen


The links in this article may be to Internet sites maintained by third parties, no inference or assumption should be made and no representation may be implied that either Charter or its affiliated entities operates or controls in any way any information, products or services on these third party sites.

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