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PowerBoost® Information

PowerBoost is an enterprise wide feature that provides our Internet subscribers’ modems with a short boost of performance in download speeds.

The boost occurs during file downloads and when loading complex web sites. During this window you may see an initial boost to download speeds for about 3 seconds, then your modem speed returns to the normal level.

The speed and length of PowerBoost is dynamic, fluctuates, and is dependent on network traffic.

PowerBoost is available to Express, Plus, and Max (Grandfathered) Internet tiers.

PowerBoost is not available to Lite or Ultra subscribers.

After The PowerBoost

Once the PowerBoost is complete, download activity will continue at a normal download speed.

Cost Of PowerBoost

It is included with Charter Internet Express, Charter Internet Plus and Charter Internet Max (Grandfathered) at no additional cost.  

Frequency Of PowerBoost

Based on network availability, you are not limited to a number of bursts per online session; however you can experience one burst per download.

Length Of PowerBoost

PowerBoost is an added bonus that, depending on network availability, will last for several seconds when downloading activity occurs.

Notice Of PowerBoost Activation

You should notice a decrease in download times when they are downloading large files such as software, music, and photos. There will be no formal notice that you have experienced the additional speed.

Requirements For PowerBoost

You will need a DOCSIS 2.0 modem or higher to experience PowerBoost. If you have a DOCSIS 1.0/1.1 modem, you should contact Charter for a replacement.

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