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How to connect Blu-Ray Player

This article will provide information to assist with connecting a Blu-Ray Disc Player, to both your TV and to the Internet, wired or wireless.  The following information is typical, but the connection diagrams could apply to various brands of Blu-Ray Disc Players. Select Connection to TV Choose one of the following methods based on the type of connections of your Television.  Confirm this with the owner’s manual that came with your Disc Player to determine what cables were provided.

Connecting your Blu-Ray Player

For HDMI connections, (HD)

Single HDMI cable

For Component connections (HD)

Component / Composite Cables

For S-Video and/or RCA Cable connections (SD)

S-Video or Composite Cables

Make the Connections

Making connections

Completing the Setup

Follow the directions provided by the manufacturer in the owner’s manual for Disc operations.

Connecting to your Internet Network (Router)

Confirm with the owner’s manual to determine which cables were provided.

Using a wired connection

Connect Blu-Ray player to your network

Refer to your modem or router manufacturer for details for the type of Ethernet cable used. Follow directions provided with the Disc Player for configuring Internet settings.  Your owner’s manual may advise to connect to the Internet to update the Player’s software.

Using a Wireless Connection to your Router

connect your Blu-Ray player to a wireless network

Follow details provided by your wireless router manufacturer for configuring the router. Details provided by the Player’s manufacturer should be followed for configuring the wireless settings within the Player.  Your owner’s manual may advise to connect to the Internet to update the Player’s software.

Configuring your Charter Remote for the Blu-Ray Disc Player

To find your remote control on our Charter Support page, click here.

  1. Scroll down to the Remote Controls section
  2. Find your remote and select the link for the user guide
  3. The user guide will have codes for the various TVs, VCRs, AUX-Audio devices
  4. Follow the directions found within the user guide of the remote for entering and testing the code

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