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Charter TV Reference

Below are frequently asked questions and answers about our TV service. Choose a topic from the list or follow a Quick Link to find answers to Charter TV questions.



Channel Lineup

Channel lineup varies by service address for several reasons including but not limited to carrying local and public access channels. Click here to view your service address channel lineup.

Request to add Channels to Charter Lineup

If you would like to recommend Charter add/carry a channel that is not currently offered in our Channel Line click here and complete the online form.  Requesting we add a channel to our lineup does not guarantee we can or will add the channel, however we do take the channel requests into consideration when making changes to our lineup.

Charter Channel Selection

There are many different factors that contribute to the selection of programming for Charter Communications®. In general, some of the deciding factors are cost, subscriber demand, ratings, availability of open channels on our cable system, and whether or not there are similar channels on our lineup.

Block Channels

You can block channels from being viewable by using the Parental Control feature available on our digital set-top boxes. View Parental Controls for instructions.

It is also possible that the model of television or VCR you have allows you to program your own television equipment to block programming you prefer not to receive. Please review your equipment manual for instructions.

It is also possible that your TV or other personal equipment, DVD, blue ray etc has a parental control feature. Please refer to your equipment manual to determine functionality and instructions.

TV Packages

Click here to view our current TV Package offerings

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Charter HDTV

Programming Availability

With Charter HDTV®, you can subscribe to a number of HD channels. Programming lineup may vary by location. Available channels may include the following:

  • Local affiliates for ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, PBS, CW
  • Independent, local HD broadcasters
  • Discovery HD Theater
  • HBO® HDTV, Showtime® HD, Cinemax HD (you must subscribe to each of these premium services)
  • HDNet and HDNet Movies
  • Starz®
  • TNT™
  • Universal HD
  • MHD
  • Wealth TV
  • PPV events in HD

Note: Channel availability varies by location. To check your HD programming click here.

Minimum Requirements

Your high definition experience isn’t complete without these three essential components:

  • A high definition television
  • A Charter HD Digital Set-top Box or an HD DVR
  • HD programming available with Charter TV

You must be a Charter TV customer or installing Charter TV with a minimum level of Basic TV service to upgrade to HD programming.

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Digital Set-top Box

A Digital Set-top Box is a piece of equipment that receives digital programming from Charter and converts it into a format that can be connected to and viewed on a TV set. It is also commonly referred to as a receiver or cable box. Different models support different features and may include or exclude services such as analog programming, digital programming, high-definition programming, certain Interactive Programming Guides, Digital Video Recorder (DVR), etc.

Coaxial Cable versus Fiber Optic Cable

Coaxial cable is pure copper or copper-coated wire surrounded by insulation with an aluminum covering used to transmit television, telephone, and data signals. Fiber- optic cable is also used to deliver the same types of signals, but carries much wider bands of frequencies. It is made of very thin, pliable tubes of glass or plastic.

Charter DVR


A VCR uses a VHS cassette tape to record approximately two to six hours, depending on quality of programs in an analog format. A Digital Video Recorder (DVR) stores recorded programs in a digital format on a hard drive built into your digital set-top box, saving you from hassles of a VCR. Unlike a VCR, Charter DVR® can conveniently store many hours of recorded programming. Recorded programs can be easily managed and selected from the Interactive Program Guide. Storage time depends on the hard drive size, model of DVR used and what type of programming is being stored, i.e., HD programming.

Charter DVR features allow you to:

  • Seamlessly record your favorite movies, sitcoms, documentaries, prime-time dramas and live sporting events at your convenience.
  • Access your live and recorded programs easily with the Interactive Program Guide.
  • Set up a program to record once or to automatically record every episode for the entire season.
  • Watch your favorite show while recording another, or record two live shows while watching a previously recorded program.
  • Pause and rewind live TV.
  • Record standard definition and/or high definition programming.

DVR Recording Capabilities

You can watch one program while recording another or you can record two programs while watching a previously recorded show on your DVR. This is because Charter's DVR® has a "dual-tuner."

DVR Availability

Digital Video Recorders (DVR) is available in most Charter Service areas. 

Customer Owned DVR

You can hookup your own purchased DVR equipment. Setting up and supporting a standalone DVR system from another company with your Charter TV digital set-top box may be confusing to some users. If you have problems with your non-Charter DVR®, Charter will be unable to assist you. Typically, you would also have two separate pieces of equipment in this situation: your Charter TV digital set-top box and your third-party DVR.

DVR and High Definition (HD) Programming

You can view and record HD programming with a Charter DVR®. If you are interested in a Charter DVR® that supports HD programming, please specify when ordering.

Recording Premium Channels

You can view and record premium channels such as HBO®, Cinemax®, Showtime®, and Starz on your Charter DVR®

Can I record Charter On Demand programming on a Charter DVR®?

On Demand programming cannot be recorded on your Charter DVR.

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General Information


Televisions with screens 13" or larger manufactured since January 1, 2000 are equipped with a V-Chip. A V-Chip works in conjunction with the TV rating system and allows you to block programming based on these ratings. The settings are password protected so that only people who know the password can view the blocked programming. The settings can also be changed at anytime by anyone who knows the password. Refer to your television's owner's manual to see if it is equipped with a V-Chip and for instructions on how to program it. For more information on V-Chips and TV ratings, visit tvguidelines.org.

TV Ratings

The TV ratings system provides information on the type of content contained in a program and the age level for which the programming has been deemed appropriate. This information can also be used to set Parental Controls based on program rating. For more information on the TV rating system, visit tvguidelines.org.

Parental Control Educational Resources

Educating parents about how easy it is to control TV programming that their kids watch is of the utmost importance to Charter and the entire cable industry. To support this cause, the National Cable and Telecommunications Association have created a Web site with detailed information about your options for programming control and choice. Visit controlyourtv.org to learn more.

Reporting Theft

If you suspect someone is stealing cable services, you can make an anonymous and confidential report by clicking here.

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