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Understanding Your Charter Statement

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Understanding Your Statement

General Information

We utilize one-month-in-advance cycle-based billing. Your billing cycle determines when your statement is  printed and due each month. This is also referred to as the Statement date.

Your billing date is determined by your installation date.. For example, if you are installed on November 4th, then you will be charged for services from the 4th to the 3rd of each month.

Any Payments/credits or charges associated with changes to your account made after your cycle date/statement date (the date your bill prints) will not be reflected until your next  billing statement.

Large Print and Braille Statement

Large print and braille statements are available upon request. Contact us if you would like to receive large print or braille statements.

Pre-Payment and Installation Fees

Pre-Payment Fees

Prior to installation of your new Charter service and at the time you place your order you may be required to pay a Pre-Payment Fee equal to one month of service charges for all services ordered, all installations charges and estimated TV and internet taxes on your services ordered. Prepayment fees are applied to your 1st billing statement.

The Pre-Payment must be paid to a Charter agent prior to your installation order being processed. Credit and debit card, or check can be processed over the phone. Money orders and cash payments are accepted at our local Charter Stores.

Installation Fees

Applicable charges may be found under each One-Time Charges. This includes any installation charges or one time charges to your account since your last billing statement.
These may include:

  • Installation Fee(s): Fee for the installation of Charter service.
  • Restart or Restoration Fee(s): Fee for reconnecting disconnected Charter Service.
  • Add-a-Line Fee(s): Fee for adding a new line of Charter Phone service.
  • Add-a-Jack-Fee(s): Fee for adding a new phone jack.
  • Service Appointment Fee(s): Fee for a technician visiting your home for service related issues.

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First Statement

Your first statement will include the first month of advance billing for services, equipment lease fees along with taxes and installation charges and any Pre-Payment collected. Subsequent statements should reflect charges for one month advance billing. Your first statement will be delivered 7-10 days following installation.

If your payment is not reflected on this statement, please remember to deduct that amount from your total bill and send in the balance. Any changes made to your account after your initial bill will result in partial months charges. You may view Recent Activity online at www.charter.com/myaccount.

Partial Month Charges (Prorated Charges)

When you make changes to your service, the changes rarely go into effect on the first day of a new billing cycle. Consequently, partial month transactions (prorated charges) may apply. Partial month transactions can come in the form of either credits or debits, depending on the circumstances of the change made:

  • Credits (-): Lessens the balance due
  • Debits: Increases the balance due

Occasions in which you may see a partial month credit or debit include the following:

  • Campaign and Discount Expiration
  • Disconnection of Service
  • Reactivation of Service
  • Service Change (Upgrading or Downgrading Service)
  • Partial Month Charges (Prorated charges) if applicable appear in the summary on page 1 of your statement and the partial month charges (prorate) details appear under the Partial Month Charges section.  This section will provide the service name and the dates for the partial service charges.

Here is an example of a partial month charge:

partial month charge

Zero or Credit Balance Statements

If your account is active with a zero or credit balance paper copies of your statement will not mail. You may still access these statements online through your My Account at charter.com/myaccount.

Bill Header 

This section appears at the top of your bill and contains the following information:

  • Statement Date: The date your bill was printed. Any changes to your account that were made after this date will not be reflected on your billing statement.
  • Account Number: A unique number that identifies your account at Charter.
  • Phone Number: The phone number listed on your account.
  • Security Code: A unique 4-digit code used to authenticate your account. You may change this security code at anytime online at www.charter.com/myaccount. learn more »
  • Service Address: The address where you have Charter Service
  • Charter's Contact Information

Account Summary

This section summarizes charges, payments, adjustments, taxes, and fees for your current bill. It consists of the following information:

  • Previous Balance: The balance from your last bill. If Charter did not receive payment for your previous balance prior to the Billing Date, your account will reflect a past-due amount. Past-due balances are subject to a late fee.
  • Payments Received: Payments received since your last bill. Payments must have been received before the due date for your prior bill in order to be reflected on your current bill.
  • Past Due Balance: This is previous balance minus any payments received. If Charter did not receive payment for your outstanding balance prior to the Billing Date, your account will reflect a past-due amount.  Unpaid outstanding balances are subject to a late fee.
  • Adjustments: Total of any adjustments (credit or debit). Late fees are also included in this section.
  • Charter TV: All TV charges. Includes monthly recurring charges for your TV service, and may include TV service installation fees, On Demand and Pay-Pay-View charges as well as additional equipment. Details of these charges are in subsequent pages of your bill.
  • Charter Internet: All Internet charges. This may include Internet installation fees and equipment charges and any à la carte services such as Charter Cloud Drive. Details of these charges are in subsequent pages of your bill.
  • Charter Phone: All telephone service charges. This may include telephone installation fees and calls and or features not included in your telephone package. For Long Distance Call detail, you may log into your my account at charter.com/myaccounts click My Bill tab, then click Call Detail. Details of these charges are in subsequent pages of your bill.
  • Other Monthly Charges: Includes charges for services outside the TV, Internet or Phone service, such as Wire Maintenance.
  • One-Time Charges: Includes installation fees and Pay Per View or On Demand movie rentals, one time change of service or applicable trouble call charges.
  • Partial Month Charges: This is the sum of any partial month charges, may included debits or credits for change of services during the middle of a billing cycle. Details are found on page two of your bill.
  • Taxes and Fees: Total of all taxes, fees and surcharges for TV, Internet and Phone.
  • Current Charges: The total of all charges, taxes, and fees due for this billing statement.
  • Current Charges Due by xx/xx/xx: if you are signed up for Auto Pay you will an Auto Pay draft date here. The total of all charges, taxes, and fees due for this billing statement.
  • Total Due: Is the amount due - remaining balance plus/minus current charges.

Mail Payment Coupon

This coupon helps ensure that your payment is credited to the proper account. Please detach this coupon, follow the instructions, complete the information as requested, and submit the coupon with your payment in the envelope provided. Please make sure you write your account number on your check or money order and make sure Charter's address appears in the return envelope window.

Charge Details

Itemized display of charges broken out by service: Charter TV, Charter Internet and Charter Phone.

Charter TV, Internet and Phone Service Details

These sections contain charges related to your Charter TV, Internet and Phone services.

Service From and To Dates: These are the dates for which you are being billed for your Charter TV and Internet services.

Charter TV: Displays standard monthly service and equipment charges to include package details and promotions

Charter Internet: Displays standard monthly service and equipment charges to include package details and promotions

Charter Phone: Displays standard monthly service and equipment charges to include package details and promotions. Additional features (example 3-way calling) and service selections (such as International Call Blocking) that may have been selected will also be displayed.

Local and Long Distance Providers: Information concerning the local and long distance service provider you selected.

Direct Dial Calls: Calls made, which are included in your monthly Charter Phone package, are not displayed on your monthly billing statement. Any calls made outside of your Charter Phone package that incur a charge, will be itemized and displayed in this section. Click here for more information regarding Call Details. Direct Dialed calls are call you made from your home and dialed directly without operator or third party assistance.

One-time Charges: Displays any one-time charges for the shown billing period. This includes and installation or service call charges if applicable, Pay Per View and/or On Demand purchases.

Disputing a charge

You must notify our Customer Care Center at (888) 438-2427 within 30 days of your billing date of any billing discrepancies. You may also file a written dispute with Charter at:

Charter Communications
Attention: Customer Complaint
2 Digital Place
Simpsonville, SC 29681
or call 1-888-438-2427

Contacting Customer Service

  • Chat online.
  • Customer service can be reached at 1-888-438-2427.
  • Click here to find the closest Charter Store.

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