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Internet Browser Messages from Charter

Listed below current messages from Charter you may see while on the internet.

Modem Upgrades

Billing Messages

Modem Upgrades

You may be required to upgrade your modem In order to continue receiving Charter internet service. If you are required to upgrade your mode we will notify you with a browser message.

When you launch a browser from your Windows PC or Mac you will see the following message: 

Modem replacement message

Note: Brower messages will not display on game systems, tablets, readers or smart phones.

Messaging will continue until your modem is replaced or until outdated modems are removed from our network. To avoid interruption in your internet service you must upgrade your modem.

Final notice

The first week we begin notification 3 messages will be displayed, with each subsequent message taking more screen space and has different titles:

  • You need to replace your Internet modem!
  • Reminder! You must replace your Internet modem!
  • Final Notice! Replace your Internet modem now!

The messages will link you to a website to order your new modem. You will need your 16 digit account number located in the upper left hand side of your billing statement and your service address zip code to begin the modem exchange process.

A new modem will be delivered to your door with a letter and instructions:

If we are unable to reach you with a browser message we will automatically ship you a new modem with a letter and instructions for changing out your existing modem. If you do not replace your modem you may lose your internet service until this is completed.

Once you receive your new modem (due to self-ordering or us automatically shipping you one) you will begin to see the messaging below each subsequent message taking more screen space and has different titles:

  • You need to install your new Internet modem!
  • Reminder! You must install your new Internet modem!
  • Last Reminder! You must install your new Internet modem now!
  • Final Notice! Install your new Internet modem now!

Modem install message

Charter’s Modem Replacement Website

If you receive a message from us regarding replacing your modem you can request a replacement modem through our online modem replacement website. Click here to access that website.

Charter Issued Modems

If you currently use a modem from us you will be offered a replacement modem at no additional charge. The exchange is necessary as outdated equipment is unable to support our network updates. Until outdated equipment is replaced, you could experience intermittent internet connectivity issues, may be unable to experience optimal speeds, or have loss of service.

Return of the Existing Modem

Upon receiving your modem replacement, you should discard the old modem and its power cord and use the new equipment received from us. You may dispose of the old modem through a local recycling facility. Use this link to find a recycling location. www.epa.gov/waste/conserve/materials/ecycling/donate.htm

Billing Messages

If you have Charter Internet we may remind you that a payment is due thus avoiding any interruption in your service. 

Billing message

As long as your account requires attention we will continue to message you to take action- 1 message per day for up to 4 days, each increasing in size.

bill message - larger

If you take no action your Charter services may be disrupted.

To get account information, check your current balance and/or make a payment:

  1. Login to charter.com/myaccount
  2. View past due charges and make a payment by clicking on the "My Bill & Services" tab.


  1. Visiting charter.com/suppport
  2. Click Ask Charter on the right side of the page.

Ask Charter or ask charter

  1. Our virtual assistant will help you log in to your My Account to determine your account status.


  1. Call our automated assistant at 1-877-739-0429 and follow the prompts.

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