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Wire Maintenance Plan

Charter's Wire Maintenance Plan

We offer a Wire Maintenance repair program that may help you avoid costly repair charges. For a low monthly fee, we provide repair service for your inside wiring. (The wiring must meet certified technical standards.) For more information about our Wire Maintenance Plan, please read the article below.

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About Wire Maintenance Plan

The Wire Maintenance Plan (WMP) covers the cost of troubleshooting and repair of the communication wires inside your home for a small monthly fee. This includes wires for TV, Internet, and Voice services and any other communication wires professionally installed within the home.

"Inside cable wire" is defined as the wire that extends from the ground block up to and including the customer's primary  communication services devices.  "Inside telephone or communications wire" is defined as any wiring from the first splice point or junction from the service drop to the customer's equipment (phone, modem, alarm system, DVRs, or any other device deemed "customer owned"). This includes pre-wired or post-wired wiring throughout the dwelling, surface mount or wall plate jacks, plus the pre-cut jumper from the wall to the equipment.

Wire Maintenance Covers:
  • Repairs of inside communications wires (see above definition)
  • A service repair appointment (trouble call) fee otherwise chargeable when not subscribed to the Wire Maintenance Plan

Wire Maintenance Does NOT Cover:

  • Alarm, electrical, and customer-installed wiring
  • Customer-caused damage/abuse
  • Alterations to Charter equipment

If you have cable TV, Voice, and/or Internet services with us, you need only purchase the plan once to cover all of your services.

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