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Charter.net is our customizable customer homepage that provides you with easy access to free web content such as video, news, sports, entertainment and weather.  It also provides key account features such as Email and TV and On Demand listings - all in one location and accessible with one login.

The information will assist you in navigating and getting the most out of Charter.net. To learn more choose a topic below.

General Information

Log In

You can log into Charter.net in two ways:

Log In using Log in button

Log In

  1. Click the Log In button in the top right corner of www.charter.net.
  2. A Log In dialogue box appears. 
  3. Type your full charter.net email address*
  4. Type the correct password.
  5. Type the Service Address Zip Code.
  6. Click Log In.

log in

Remember me is checked by default.

You must click log off when using a public PC.

*Customers who do not have Charter Internet may log in with My Account credentials


Log In using Email button 

Log In

When you log in using the Email button you are required to enter your email address. Other required information is the same as using the Log in button.

log in

Remember Me is a default setting (checked).

You must click log off when using a public PC.

Zip code verification is required for login through Charter.net. This is another layer of security for Charter customers, helping ensure that email access is protected. Hackers may attempt to hijack email addresses and use them for spamming. Requiring zip code verification in addition to a password, helps keep hackers out. Charter is committed to maintaining your privacy, and this additional login credential through charter.net is just one more way to ensure its protection.

Change/Retrieve Password

If you have forgotten your Charter.net Password you can reset your password through your My Account, or by contacting us.
To reset your Charter.net password through your My Account:

  1. Click here to Login to My Account
  2. Click Online Tools
    • Your Usernames/Email addresses will be listed under the Email Address Tab
  3. Click Change across from the Email address you need to reset the password
  4. Type New Password
  5. Retype New Password
  6. Click Save

Change Password

If you would like to change your Charter.net password:

  1. Log into your Charter.net account using your Charter.net Email address
  2. After hovering over My Charter, click on Manage Email/Online Tools under Accounts & Billing


  1. On the Email Address tab you will see a list of the Usernames/Email Addresses with the option to change passwords


  1. You can change the password for your Charter.net Email address by clicking the CHANGE link

Note: The Parent or Head of Household Email address can change or reset a password for all Charter.net Email addresses.

Auto Sign out

If you enter your username and password into charter.net and select the "remember me" button, you will not be prompted to log in again for 90 days. For email, the timeout is shorter - 24 hours. So, if you click on email 23 hours after logging in, you gain direct access without a prompt for your password. If you click on email 25 hours after logging in, you will be prompted for your password.

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TV Content Online

View Premium Content Online

Charter offers premium content online from EPIX Online Content, HBO GO, MAX GO, ESPN3 and Big Ten Network 2 Go. For more information visit charter.net/onthego

For additional support including login help and device compatibility visit charter.com/tvapps


Charter.net/TV allows you to find cable programming with TV content online.

Charter Internet Customers can:

  • Search content
  • Discover content
  • Follow links to other sites offering content such as Netflix, Hulu, Hulu Plus, and Amazon

Charter Internet and TV customers can:

  • Search content
  • Discover content
  • Follow links to other sites offering content such as Netflix, Hulu, Hulu Plus, and Amazon
  • Watch content if available online through Charter if you currently subscribe to the service, for example: HBO GO, Max GO, BTN2Go, and ESPN3
  • Turner Online Content is available through Charter.net and includes TNT, TBS, Adult Swim, Cartoon Network, truTV and CNN. Charter TV customers whose subscription includes access to these channels can access the corresponding content on Charter.net. A Turner Online Content mobile app for Apple devices will be available beginning 12/20/2011.
  • At the bottom of the page on charter.net/TV are the featured TV Networks currently providing Online content on Charter. net

Networks with online content

Search Results

Note: Access to Netflix, Hulu or Amazon requires a subscription account directly with those services.

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Charter.net Email

You can access your email by

  1. Simply clicking on the green envelope located at the top right-hand corner on the www.charter.net home page.
  2. Log in using your charter.net email address and password. We ask that you provide your service address zip code as well as an additional security measure. You will be logged out of your email session after 24 hours even if you click "Remember me" to protect your email content.

Log In


You can customize the content that appears on Charter.net by clicking the My Themes or Add Content link.

Add content

The My Themes feature allows you to personalize the display on Charter.net.

my themes

For example, choosing the "Baseball" theme will change the background and style. Click save theme button to save your selected theme.


To remove a theme and return to the default, simply click default theme followed by save theme

Add Content enables a personal assistant which provides easy to add features you can personalize through your home page. With just a few mouse clicks, you can add sports, stock, entertainment and more. Simply select the add button button located beneath the listed content. Then click save my changes button to establish the personalized content of your choice.

customization page


Stay up to date on all the news, current events and more by checking back throughout the day. We have you covered on all the late-breaking news you need to know about.


Charter gives you up to date news, scores and more on your favorite sports. We cover all the major leagues, college and more.

TV Listings & DVR

Find your local TV listings as well as information on shows and actors. Watch full episodes and clips from your favorite shows online!  You'll find behind–the–scenes footage from popular TV shows, video of the latest news headlines, trailers for upcoming movies and classic favorites, and a lot more, all in one place. Check back often for specials like season previews of the hottest TV shows and full episodes of programs you enjoy.

On Demand

Charter brings new release movies and popular shows to your home! Check out the On Demand page to quickly browse through over 6,000 titles. Search by actor, director or genre, plus check out our Top 10 listings.  


Get up-to-date movie listings, traffic and forecast information in your area! You can also search for events happening in your home town and browse classified ads.


Get much more information under the More tab including links, support and helpful information.

View Your TV Listings

To view TV listings in your area click the 'TV LISTINGS' tab at the top of the homepage

view TV listings

A grid will appear that displays the programs and times for that particular day.

To change the day and/or time, select an option from the drop-down lists.

You can also choose a filter and browse particular shows (i.e. sports, news, comedy, etc).

Use the "Search TV" search bar to type in the name of a show to find its listing in the grid.

For quick access to a certain channel, use the channel range links to jump a particular number.

Search On Demand

Charter.net offers hundreds of new and favorite movies!

Click on the "On Demand" button at the top of the home page to browse the selection. Be sure to check out the top 10 On Demand movies!

On Demand

search listings

Click on a thumbnail image to watch a trailer and get more information on the movie including a short description, genre and the dates it is available On Demand, channel 1.

Market Watch

Market Watch is accessible by clicking on it from the components section on your home screen.

market watch

If you have stocks that you want to add to your Market Watch component, click "Edit", type in the stock symbol you are interested in then click "Add" to add it to your Watch List. To remove a stock symbol from your Watch List, click "Remove" next to the stock symbol you wish to remove.

ticker symbol

System Requirements

Computer/Software requirements

The following are recommended for the best charter.net experience:

  • Windows 2000/XP/ME, Vista, Windows 7, MacOS, Unix
  • IE7 or higher or FireFox 3.0 or higher
  • 256MB RAM
  • Real Player 9.0 or higher
  • Flash Player 10 or higher
  • Windows Media Player 10
  • Shockwave 8.5+

Identify Your Plug-Ins

Clicking the following link:  http://www.charter.net/downloads.php allows you to simply click and have your desktop scanned for available Plug-ins and those needed for optimal use of the services available through the portal. Clicking on this link will result in a window advising of any Plug-ins needed with links to download the software. RealPlayer is the only plug-in required to view the portal content. The rest may be required to access premium content.

Optimal Display Settings

The portal is optimized for viewing at a 1024 x 768 or higher screen resolution. To change screen resolution, you should follow the instructions below:

Windows users can change display settings by going to "Control Panel" and selecting the "Display" icon. Within the "Settings" tab, change the resolution to the desired setting.

Mac OSX users can change display settings by going to the "Applications Folder" and selecting "System Preferences."  From there, choose "Displays" and select the desired resolution from the "Resolutions" list.

System Requirements for Premium Services

For the best experience we recommend that your computer meet the following hardware and software requirements, due to the high resolution and use of video with our premium content providers.

  • Any Intel or AMD processor, 2.0Ghz or faster
  • Windows XP/Vista/7/Mac OSX/10.5 or higher
  • Internet Explorer 7.0, FireFox 4.0, Safari 3.0 or higher (cookies enabled)
  • Windows Media Player 10 or higher
  • Real Player 6.0+ (only required for Britannica Online)
  • Adobe Flash Player 10+
  • Adobe Shockwave Player 8.5+
  • Adobe Flash Plug-in (required for Charter Music)
  • Shockwave Plug-in (required for Shockwave.com™ UNLIMITED)
  • Active X Plug-in (for streaming video over IE)
  • Windows Media Player 10 or higher
  • 2GB RAM
  • 16-bit sound card and speakers
  • 65,000-color video display card

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Doesn't Retain Customized Settings

You may have "Cookies" turned off for your Web browser. Cookies allow the Charter system to recognize you and "find" your login and credentials as you navigate throughout the many content partners in your subscription. To switch Cookies on, click on Tools, Internet Options, and Privacy. Select a Privacy setting of 'Medium' or lower, which will enable Cookies and provide a seamless subscription content viewing experience

RealPlayer Not Working

If you already had RealPlayer installed before you downloaded Netscape you will have to re-install RealPlayer in order to make the controls work properly.

Page Not Displaying Properly

Versions of Internet Explorer older than Internet Explorer 7.0 will not display Charter.net properly. You may also receive a pop up error regarding login. To solve this problem, you will need to download Internet Explorer 7.0. Clicking http://www.charter.net/downloads.php will guide you to the download.

Cannot Access Premiums

Note: Online Premium Services, including Charter Variety Pack Online, are being discontinued effective 08/25/14. Current subscribers will be notified by mail beginning 07/25/14.

If you can't access your content because of a failed password, you can attempt to reset your password through your Charter.com My Account, or you can contact a Charter Customer Care Representative by going to www.charter.com to obtain your Support Center phone number. Your Support Center phone number is located on your Charter billing statement.

Cannot View Online Content

If you can't view the charter.net home page or a premium content video stream:

  • Certain content providers may require that you enable JavaScript and ActiveX Controls to properly view their pages. For Internet Explorer, click on Tools, Internet Options, Security. Make sure that Java and ActiveX are enabled for your browser, and then save the system changes. Alternatively, you can enable Cookies at this time in the Privacy settings. The "Default" security setting will switch on all three features at once. Click to "Apply" the changes.
  • You may have outdated or incompatible versions of video playing programs on your computer. To check for the latest version of RealPlayer, Flash Player, Shockwave or Windows Media Player, click on 'Get Plug-Ins' located in the footer of charter.net. This link allows customers to simply click and have their desktop scanned for available Plug-ins and those needed for optimal use of the services available through the portal. Clicking on this link will result in a window advising of any Plug-ins needed with links to download the software. RealPlayer is the only plug-in required to view the portal content. The rest may be required to access premium content.
  • Finally, you may be experiencing Internet congestion that is causing slow download and streaming speeds. If the video player tries to re-buffer the stream more than three times during the video, close the video pop-up window and select a smaller stream. Internet congestion is common at peak usage hours, and unless it persists for more than an hour you do not need to contact Charter.

Running Multiple Programs

Depending on the speed and RAM of your computer, you can keep several programs running at the same time, including your premium content subscriptions. However, certain programs that require a lot of virtual memory, such as graphics programs or a Web camera, may impede your system's ability to process a video stream from your premium online content. If you have consistent problems with system resources, or crash the browser more than once, you should close such programs when viewing premium video streams at the same time.

Pop Up Ads

Charter cannot turn off pop-up ads that are part of the premium service or content providers' offerings. These ads are a service of content providers to promote special offers.

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