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Email Client Error Messages

Listed below are definitions and general information on email client error codes.

In the Troubleshooting section, error codes are listed in numerical order.  Click on the error code message to get additional information.

General Information

Determining Spam

Charter uses several different methods to protect users from spam and other messaging abuse. We allow members of the community to report messages as spam, and those reports may cause a message to filter as spam.

Handling Spam

Messages determined to be Spam will be delivered your Junk Mail folder if you have activated your junk mail folder in Charter.net Email.   To activate your Junk Mail folder:  

  1. Login to charter.net Email
  2. Click Preferences
  3. Click on your email address

  1. Click Junk Mail protection

  1. Choose your option and click save or close

Rate Limiting

Rate limiting is an anti-abuse network protection method. Charter customers are limited to sending a set number of messages per hour. Additionally, there are a set number of recipients per message allowed. This policy is standard industry practice. The rate limit threshold is a dynamic number configurable by system administrators which has been set in accordance with standard industry practice. Rate limiting ensures mail system stability and usability for all Charter customers.

Real-time Blacklist (RBL)

RBL Stands for "Real-time Blacklist". Charter uses multiple RBLs. One RBL is intended to keep track of Charter Customers that are known to have been spammers. These customers have violated the Terms of Service. Another RBL is leveraged to stop inbound mail from spammers at the network layer whose IP blocks are known to be owned by spammers. An IP that is on an RBL will not be able to send email to the Charter mail complex

Virus Infected Email

Since most virus infected email is spam, our anti-spam system will drop and not process delivery of those emails or deliver these to the Junk Mail folder.

Virus infected emails that are not flagged as spam will be delivered to their intended recipients.

If you are concerned about being vulnerable to virus infected emails it is suggested you protect your computer with the Charter Security Suite, which offers the latest in virus prevention and protection technology. Charter Security Suite is available to all Charter Internet™ Express, Plus, Max and Ultra60 customers at no additional cost.

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Error Handling

Information below the error message offer suggestions for self-diagnosis.

Charter.net Lost (Connection timed out)

  • Possible sender network connectivity issue.  Check and make sure you have an internet connection

Reason Code E1550 Charter.net connections refused from (IP Address)

  • You have too many instances of Email open at one time.-try closing email windows.
  • Possible network connection issue. Make sure your modem is online and you are connected to the internet

Reason Code E2210 [FROM EMAIL ADDRESS] send quota exceeded: try again later

  • Sender has exceeded the maximum number of messages allowed per hour
  • Reduce the number of recipients, addresses to retry and send
  • Wait 60 minutes and try again.

Reason Code E1520 [FROM EMAIL ADDRESS] come back later

  • You have exceeded the number  of emails you can send in an hour
  • Wait 60 minutes and try again.

Reason Code E2110 [FROM_DOMAIN] does not exist

  • The email sender’s domain/ email address is invalid

Reason Code E1110 you must connect from Charter IP space

  • Sender attempted to relay email while not connected to Charter IP space.
  • Charter subscribers may receive this message if their client IP address is not recognized as a Charter owned IP address. If the IP address the customer is sending from is a Charter owned IP address then this should be escalated to Charter Customer Support and should include the client IP address.

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