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Connect a PS3 to the Internet Using a Wired Connection

The following instructions explain how to connect your Playstation 3 (PS3) to the Internet using a wired connection.

For instructions on connecting your console to your TV, click here.

Example of a Wired Network Configuration

The network configuration and connection method may vary depending on the equipment in use and the network environment.

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Setting up the Internet Connection

When making a wired connection to the Internet, you do not need to adjust any of the default settings. If you cannot use the default settings to connect, follow the instructions below to adjust the settings.

  • Select "Network Settings" under "Settings" in the home menu, and then press the button.
  • Select "Internet Connection Settings", and then press the button. When a message stating that the Internet connection will be terminated is displayed, select "Yes", and then press the button.
  • Select "Wired Connection", and then press the button.
  • Select "Easy" or "Custom" and adjust settings as necessary. (Easy is recommended)
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to adjust the required settings.

Easy: Basic settings are set automatically.

Custom: You can manually enter detailed settings information.

If you have any questions regarding wired setup, contact Sony, the Access Point and/or router manufacturer.

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