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Charter Home Networking Product-Netgear Smart Wizard

The Charter Support Staff provides support for the connectivity between a cable modem and a personal computer. Charter also provides support for Charter Security Suite and our Home Networking product.

In order to provide you with further support we have created the following self-help information.

Acquiring the network security information to configure the Netgear Wireless Adaptor

  • Directly connect the Ethernet wire to the computer from the Charter Home Networking Product. Then open the web browser window to test for an internet connection. If no internet connection exists, check cable connections and power cycle the Charter Home Networking Product. Enter in the web browser: Enter “admin” as the User name: and “password” as the Password:. Click “OK”.

  • Click on Wireless Settings

Installing: The Netgear Adaptor and Drivers for WG111v2

Always run the install CD before connecting a wireless adapter for the first time!

  • Insert the Resource CD WG111v2 into the CD-Rom Drive.
  • Click “Install Driver & Utility”. If the Autorun wizard does not start automatically, click Start, Run, and type “d:\setup” if ‘d’ is the designation of the computer’s CD drive.

  • Once the software installation is in progress, click “Next” on the driver utility screen.
  • Click “Accept”
  • Choose a location for the installation, and click “Next”.
  • Connect the Adaptor and let the installation proceed.
  • Choose the appropriate country, and click “Agree” on the message about region selection that appears.

  • Choose “NETGEAR Smart Wizard (Recommended)” then click “Next”

  • Select “Yes (recommended)”. Then click “Next”
  • Select the network. Then click “Next”

  • Enter WEP Passphrase, which was written down during the gateway configuration with the Netgear internals. Click “Next”

  • Enter a profile name. Click “Next”

  • Click “Finish” once the install is complete.

Configure the Wireless Adapter (Smart Wireless Settings version)

  • The icon for the Smart Wireless utility should appear in the systray. Open the Smart Wireless Configuration utility by double-clicking it.

    Security Suite
  • Click on the “Networks” tab and click “Scan”. Select your network and click “Connect”

    Security Suite
  • Enter the Passphrase you configured on the gateway (charterxxxx where xxxx is last four digits of customer’s phone number) OR enter the WEP Key you wrote down. Click Apply. The adapter should now connect to the Wireless gateway.

  • After the wireless clients are configured, you can use the Wireless Configuration utility to view the connectivity status at the bottom of the utility screen.


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