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The Charter Toolbar

the toolbar

Key Features

No need to bookmark your email, news, weather, search - it's always with you with the Charter Toolbar.

  • Email
    Take it with you wherever you go!
  • Search
    Surf the web quickly and easily.
  • News
    One-click access to all your news.
  • Weather
    Get your forecast at a glance.

Charter Toolbar is so convenient!
Not only does it keep you connected to your Charter homepage, it also gives you instant access to:

  • Games
  • Maps, photos and travel
  • Sports and entertainment
  • Custom buttons for your personal interests
  • and more...

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Installing the Charter Toolbar

To install the Charter Toolbar, point your browser to http://www.charter.net/toolbar. Click the Download Toolbar button. Make sure you are downloading the correct toolbar for your browser - there is a separate download for Internet Explorer and Firefox.
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Explaining the Toolbar

Once the toolbar is installed, it will appear at the top of your browser with a number of buttons and a search box.

The Charter Button

Clicking the Charter Button will take you to the charter.net homepage.

Charter Button


Clicking the drop-down menu of the Charter Button will display a list of useful links:

Useful links

Charter Button Useful Links

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The Search Button

Entering a search term in the Search Field and clicking the Search Button will display a list of search results.

search bar

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The Email Button

Selecting the Email Button will navigate to the Charter.net Email.


The Weather Button

Selecting the Weather Button will navigate to the Charter Toolbar Options Weather tab. Once you have clicked the button it will pop the small window. If you would like additional information on the city you have saved you can simply click “More Weather” and it will give additional information including a 5 day forecast, map and additional links.



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The Top Headlines Button

Clicking the News Button and selecting All News directs you to the charter.net news page. Clicking on a sub-category from the drop down list will take you to that particular genre of news.


The TV Video Button

Clicking the TV Video Button will navigate your browser to the charter.net TV Page containing top On Demand movies, television listings and recommended viewing. You can also access a selection of search options and Genre on the drop down menu.

tv / video

tv content 

The Games Button

Clicking the Games Button will navigate your browser to the charter.net Games Page containing online games with a wide selection of free games, and information on Premium Games and other Platforms with previews and reviews of games from the popular game consoles.


The Sports Button

Clicking the Sports Button and selecting All Sports will navigate your browser to the charter.net Sports Page containing the Latest Sports News with a wide selection of MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, College Football, PGA, LPGA, Autos, ESPN, etc for you to browse individually.


The Local Button

Clicking the Local Button will navigate your browser to the charter.net Local Page containing information associated with you zip code. It displays current temp, Local Events and Event Search, Extras, Classified and much more. It also gives you the ability to change location for information on any other city when searching by the appropriate zip code.


The Music Button

Clicking the Music Button will navigate your browser to the Charter Music Page containing information about the music world. Streaming music provides the ability to listen to your favorites, with many choices of genres to choose from.


The Entertainment Button

Clicking the Entertainment Button and selecting Entertainment News will tak you to the Latest Entertainment News, and a brief overview of Movie News, TV News or Music News, or you can choose the individual selection from the dropdown for more detail.


The Options Button

Clicking the Options Button will take you to the Toolbar Options page. Clicking the drop-down menu of the Options Button will display a list of configuration options.

  • Preferences – Add/Remove Buttons and Search History settings


  • Clear Cookies – Clears the cookies of the Charter Toolbar Search Box
  • Clear History – Clears the history of the Charter Toolbar Search Box
  • Zoom In/Out/Zoom Reset – Zooms the current page.
  • Move Buttons – Gives you the ability to move the buttons on the toolbar
  • Help links to:
    • Toolbar Agreement
    • Terms and Conditions
    • Privacy Policy
    • Contact us
    • Uninstall


Removing the Charter Toolbar and Toolbar Feedback

Uninstalling the Charter Toolbar

Select the drop-down menu from the Options Button, select Help and Uninstall.


Follow the wizard to uninstall.

uninstall wizard

You can also provide Charter feedback about why you wish to uninstall the toolbar.

feedback form

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