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m.charter.com is our condensed mobile friendly Charter.com site with links to popular and regularly used features of our full site. m.charter.com allows you to:

  • Pay Your Bill
  • Set up Auto Pay
  • View Statements
  • View Your Channel Lineup
  • Refresh Digital Set-top Boxes
  • Get Help
  • Find Local Charter Stores
  • Set up Alerts
  • And More

m.charter.com is divided into two tabs: New Customer and Current Customer - please feel free to experience both. Access is not restricted. Additional Data charges may apply with your mobile phone carrier.

General Information

Compatible Devices

Any handheld device that has a mobile browser can reach m.charter.com services. A mobile device is a device that typically has a display screen with touch input and/or a miniature keyboard.

Some examples include:

  • Smart phones/PDA's
    • Android phone
    • iPhone
    • Blackberry
    • Windows Mobile phone
  • iPod
  • Tablet computers
    • iPad
    • Galaxy Tab
    • Etc.
  • eReader
    • Kindle Fire
    • Nook
    • Etc.


Using the handheld device's browser, customers can access Charter mobile services by typing m.charter.com in the search field. Some mobile devices will offer our mobile version when typing in charter.com

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Clear Mobile Browser Cache

If you are experiencing problems with accessing and or navigating sections of m.charter.com try clearing your mobile devices browser cache.

Apple iOS Devices (iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad)

  1. Tap the Settings icon


  1. Scroll down and tap Safari


  1. Tap Clear Cookies and Data

Clear cookies and Data

  1. Tap Clear Cookies and Data again to complete the process

clear cookies and data

Note: In earlier versions of the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad this may be labeled Clear Cache

Android Devices

The steps to clear your devices browser cache will vary depending on the device model and Android software version installed.
Below are the general steps for clearing your devices cache

  1. Open the browser you are using (Default browser, Chrome, etc…)
  2. Tap the Menu button
  3. Tap Settings (On some versions of the Android software you may be required to tap the More button first)
  4. Tap Privacy or Privacy & Security (This step may not be required on certain versions)
  5. Tap Clear Cache or Clear Browsing Data
  6. Tap OK


Existing Charter Customers

current customer

Mobile Pay Bill – My Account & Bill Pay

You can now make payments directly to Charter on your mobile device. You can make a payment today or set up Auto Pay. We accept payments from your checking or savings accounts as well as Visa, MasterCard and Discover credit and debit cards.

Note: Certain restrictions may apply.

To make a payment simply type charter.com in your mobile browser which will open m.charter.com then; follow the steps below:

  1. Select the Current Customer tab
  2. Tap My Account & Pay Bill
  3. Login using your My Account username, password and service address zip code

log in

  1. Tap Pay My Bill

Pay Your Bill

You will land on your account overview

  1. To make a payment, tap Pay Bill

mobile bill apy

  1. Choose Set up Auto Pay or Pay Bill to make a one-time payment. Complete the required fields and accept the terms and conditions t o process your payment.

Setup Auto Pay

Auto Pay

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Refresh Digital Set-Top Boxes

There are two reasons you will use this functionality:

  1. Installing new Charter-issued digital equipment picked up from a Charter Store.
  2. Resolve Charter TV service issues: missing channels, interactive guide, no picture or poor picture quality.

Tapping the Refresh button will refresh all Digital Set-Top Boxes in your home. It may take up to 15 minutes to complete the process. There is a limit of 3 Refresh Digital Set-top Box requests per day. If you have exceeded this limit and are still experiencing issues additional troubleshooting assistance can be found at charter.com/tvhelp, or you can chat or contact us for more help.

refresh receivers

refresh receivers

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Charter Email Access

Charter Email Access assists in setting up Charter.net email on your mobile device.

check email

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You can find answers to our most frequently asked questions by navigating through the list by service or you can type your question in Ask Charter.



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Storm Center

Our Storm Center link will take you to charter.com where you will find information to help minimize the inconvenience and danger of severe weather as well as provide you updated information regarding service restoration in the event of severe weather or other emergency situation

storm center

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Channel Lineup

You can view your channel lineup by:

  1. Tap Channel Lineup

Channel Lineup

  1. Enter your service address and zip code.

channel lineup

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To find your nearest Charter Store:

  1. Tap Locations


  1. Enter your zip code/street address is optional


Upgrade Your Services

If you currently have Charter services and wish to make changes to your service you may be presented options and phone numbers to contact us.


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New Charter Customers

Product Information & Find Offers

You can learn about our products and services as well as search our current offers and bundle pricing. From here you can order services online.

find offers

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