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Caller ID Spoofing

Consumer Alert

When customers purchase the Caller ID calling feature with their Charter Phone® service, the consumer has the ability to receive and accept calling party identification information. However, dishonest callers or "scammers" may try to falsify incoming caller identification information to disguise their identity and transmit deceptive information. This practice is called Caller ID "Spoofing."

Scammers use new telephone technology to manipulate incoming caller ID information to make customers believe that the call originated from another party. Charter, like all telephone providers, cannot validate or authenticate the calling party originating name and number. Therefore, do not assume the Caller ID name and number displayed on your Caller ID device is always accurate. Congress is currently considering new laws to take corrective action against scammers.

You should also be aware of a related criminal practice called "Vishing." Vishing involves scammers asking customers to call a number left by a voice recording, after the call is answered in-person or by an answering machine, for the purpose of gaining personal information – like credit card information. Always be extra cautious when giving out personal information over the telephone.

For additional information please refer to the following website: http://www.fcc.gov/cgb/consumerfacts/callerid.html

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