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Compliant and Non Compliant Modems/Gateways on Charter's Network

Note: Effective June 26, 2012 For new Internet Customers and customers switching to our New Package Pricing, we will no longer allow customer-owned modems on our network. In order to provide our customers powerful and reliable Internet service at a great value, we will provide modems included in Internet pricing under our New Package Pricing.

Compliant/Supported Modems/Gateways General Information

Charter Internet subscribers are required to use a compliant device in order to use the Charter network without interruption and receive optimal service performance. Devices identified as non compliant are subject to intermittent or no service due to network updates. Charter continues to provide customers with the most up-to-date equipment, compliant with our network, to ensure services work as intended.

Any device considered non compliant must be replaced with a compliant device.

Modems and gateways identified as non compliant include devices that are phased out due to older versions of firmware that are unable to receive updates.

Charter Internet is compatible with most DOCSIS 2.0 and DOCSIS 3.0 devices. Please note that Charter’s Plus, Max (Grandfathered) and Ultra Speeds require a DOCSIS 3.0 device to ensure you experience the full upload and download speeds that those packages offer.

Non compliant/Unsupported Modems/Gateways General Information

  • Modems and gateways installed with outdated firmware that have been identified and that cannot be updated.
  • If you attempt a self install and our network identifies your modem or gateways to be incompatible you may not be able to complete your installation. Your device is recognized automatically by the provisioning process (https://install.charter.com/) and will not be provisioned. If this happens you will presented the following on-screen message:
    • Activation of this device has been prohibited. Firmware on the device does not function properly with the Charter network and cannot be upgraded. Please use a different device or contact Charter at 888-438-2427.
  • The non compliant device cannot be installed on the Charter network and you must install and use a more compliant modem or gateway device.

Customer Notification

As part of our network monitoring, as we identify non compliant modems and gateways we may message our customers who need to replace their equipment.

You may be notified by a bill message on your statement, an email, or you may receive a browser message like the example below requesting you to take action to provision compliant equipment on our network. This will require you to swap/replace your existing modem or gateway.

modem replacement

If you have a modem, you will be directed to utilize the self-help modem replacement website.  If you donot install a complaint device after the initial notice you may be presented with several reminder notifications (approximately every 2 days).

Upon receipt of the new equipment, you must install the device using the provided instructions. 

If you receive a notice and you subscribe to our Charter WiFi service or have a Gateway you will need to contact us to schedule a professional install by our technicians.

Identifying Your Equipment

Cable Modems

A cable modem is a piece of equipment that connects your computer or router to the Internet via Charter's network. A cable modem has two connections: one that leads to the cable lines outside your home, and another that is an Ethernet or USB connection, which leads to the computer(s) or router inside your home.

The back of a cable modem will look like the following:


The model numbers are generally located on the back or the bottom of your equipment


A router is an additional piece of equipment that connects to your cable modem that allows you to connect multiple devices either wired or wirelessly.


The model numbers are generally located on the back or the bottom of your equipment.


A Gateway is a combined cable mode and router all in one.


The model numbers are generally located on the back or the bottom of your equipment.

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