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Activating a New Modem

Note: Effective June 26, 2012 For new Internet Customers and customers switching to our New Package Pricing, we will no longer allow customer-owned modems on our network. In order to provide our customers powerful and reliable Internet service at a great value, we will provide modems included in Internet pricing under our New Package Pricing.

To Activate a New Modem or swap out an existing modem for your Charter Internet Service follow the steps below.

Ensure you have all of the needed equipment:

  • Cable Modem
  • Coaxial Cable
  • Ethernet or USB Cord
  • Power Cord

Connect your Modem

  • Screw the Coaxial Cable into the outlet, be it a splitter* or wall jack
    • * Charter recommends connecting your modem directly to a wall outlet and not using a splitter. If you must use a splitter please make sure it is rated at 3.5 dBmv.
  • Screw the other end of the Coaxial Cable into the back of the Modem
  • Connect the Ethernet or USB Cord into the back of the Modem (Use only one, Ethernet is preferred)
  • Connect the opposite end of the Ethernet or USB Cord into the Computer
  • Plug the Power Cord into the Modem and the other end into the nearest Electrical Outlet
  • Open your Web Browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.)
  • It should automatically open a Charter page to "Identify Your Account," if not surf to http://install.charter.com

Indentify Your Account page

  • Make sure Installing New Service is selected or if you are swapping out a modem choose "Replacing your modem".
  • Enter your Telephone or Account Number and Zip Code
  • Follow the easy steps for Internet Self-Installation
  • Test your connection by surfing to www.charter.net

If you need additional assistance please contact us.

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