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Online DVR Manager


Charter TV Online DVR Manager allows you to schedule recordings for your Arris, Motorola or Pace DVR through the Internet anywhere you can access Charter.net. Use the guide images to determine if you have a Motorola DVR. If not refer to the quick links for information on Online DVR manager for other equipment types.

Note: Online DVR Manager is currently not available for Cisco/Scientific Atlantic DVR receivers.

General Information

Getting Started

NOTE: When using Online DVR Manager for the first time, your DVR will display as 100% full and may experience a delay between what is displayed on charter.net compared to what is already scheduled on your DVR. The 100% full and the delay are caused by a first time sync that must occur between the DVR and the online interface. Once the DVR is fully synced with charter.net, all programs scheduled to record will appear and the DVR will reflect the actual storage space percentage. You will be able to schedule recordings immediately, even before the DVR has fully synced.
To use Online DVR Manager:

  • Go to Charter.net
  • Login-If you have Charter Internet use your Charter.net email address and password. If you do not have Charter Internet login to Charter.net with your My Account username and password
  • Select TV Listings & DVR Tab
  • Click Manage, then click on the Postal Code to either enter a new Zip Code, then Choose New Channel Lineup available in that zip code.  

First Time Users may need to enter your service address zip code and select Digital lineup. If you find the programs do not match what you see on your digital receiver, select a different lineup.

Choose the DVR you wish to schedule your recordings on.


TV Listings

The TV Listings tab provides you a list of available programming based on channels and times. This function allows the use of filters to assist with selecting the program you want to record.

  • Click TV Listings tab.
  • Choose the following navigation methods to select a program to record:
  • Scroll through the channel grid to find programming
  • Use Calendar to see a specific date or move between current and prime time listings
  • Filter listings to select programming based on genre
  • Click Time Slide to select a specific time frame
  • Click the program.


Schedule Recording

After finding a program to record via the Search tab or the TV Listings tab , follow these steps to schedule the recording.

  • Click on the title of the program for more information and to record.
  • Click Record


  • Update the fields for the following as appropriate:
  • Recording Frequency
  • Recording Settings


  • Click Schedule Recording
  • Click Close

schedule recording
If you already scheduled two recordings for a specific time slot and try to schedule additional recordings for that time slot, you will receive a screen stating "This program may not record due to higher priority recordings" and will have the option to choose one of the following actions:

  • Schedule Anyway: Proceed with scheduling the recording, although it may not record in favor of previously scheduled recordings.
  • Go Back: To change the new recording to allow it priority over previously scheduled recordings.


NOTE: You may also modify previously scheduled recordings in order to resolve the scheduling conflict. 

If you click Schedule Anyway you will see the confirmation screen.


Click Close.

NOTE: You can only record up to two programs simultaneously on a DVR.

A red dot icon indicates the program is scheduled to record.

  • ../CMS_IMAGES/sup_onlineDVRMgr_1-12_clip_image026.ccom Single red dot icon = One-time recording
  • * Broken red dot icon = Series recording



The Search tab allows you to find the schedule information for a specific movie or program via the title. This feature provides you with all the program information you need to know when scheduling a recording.

  • Click Search tab
  • Type the program or movie title
  • Click search button or hit Enter
  • Select a title based on the date, time, network, and channel information


  • Click a cast member name to view celebrity biography

Change Scheduled Recording

The DVR tab provides a listing of all your scheduled recordings, and allows you to make changes to a scheduled recording.

  • Click the My DVR tab
  • Select a scheduled recording

  • Click Modify

  • Update the Recording Settings
  • Click Modify Recording


Cancel Scheduled Recording

The DVR tab also provides you the ability to cancel a scheduled recording:

  • Click My DVR tab
  • Select a scheduled recording
  • Click Cancel

Customize DVR Name

The Manage tab allows you to make changes to your Online DVR Manager settings.

  • Click the Manage tab.
  • Click the DVR Name.
  • Change DVR Name.
    • Enter the new DVR Name.
    • Click Update.


Log Out

To log out of Online DVR Manager, simply click Logout at the top of the screen.


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Setup & Functionality

Changing Channel lineup:

  • Login to Charter.net
  • Click Manage tab
  • Click on the zip code to see the Change Channel Lineup options
  • Enter a new zip code
  • Click Go
  • Select a new lineup from the Choose new Channel Lineup dropdown menu
  • Click Save

Note: You must use the same zip code as your service address zip code to successfully record using Online DVR Manager. If you use a different zip code from your service address zip code you will receive an error message when trying to schedule a recording.


Multiple DVRs in the home:

  • Login to Charter.net
  • Select TV & Video Tab
  • Click TV Listings
  • Click the My DVR drop down menu
  • Select a device

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  • A newly installed DVR should become available automatically for Online scheduling if it does not- log out of Charter. net and then log back in for the Online DVR Manager to recognize newly installed Arris, Motorola, Pace or Moxi DVR.
  • If you added an additional newly installed Arris, Motorola, Pace or Moxi DVR it may take up to 72 hours to display on Charter. net.
  • When the start and/or stop times of a scheduled recording are changed for a Arris, Motorola, Pace or Moxi DVR, the changes may not display for about 10 minutes in Online DVR Manager.
  • While customers are able to view a list of completed recordings for Moxi, the feature is not currently available for Arris, Motorola or Pace.

DVR not displaying On Charter. net

If you are unable to locate your DVR online try the following:

  • Verify that scheduling works using the remote control to schedule directly via the DVR.
  • If you are logged in at Charter.net logout and Login and reattempt through the web interface.
  • Verify you are using your correct login and password. If you have Charter Internet you must use your Charter.net email address, password, and zip code. If you only subscribe to Charter TV, you must use your My Account username and password information.
  • If the record features do not display, you need to change your TV Listings on the online grid
  • If this does not correct the issue please contact us

Missing DVR Tab

missing DVR tab

The DVR tab only pertains to Arris, Motorola or Pace DVRs, the Moxi DVR Online DVR manager does not include a My DVR tab.

If you have an Arris, Motorola or Pace DVR and are missing the My DVR Tab:

  1. Click the Log Out button on charter.net, close all web browsers, open a new web browser, then Login and reattempt through the web interface.
  2. Are you using a Safari web browser?
    1. No: Proceed to step 3
    2. Yes: Complete the following steps prior to step 3:
      1. Access Preferences.
      2. Click Privacy.
      3. Select Never for Block cookies.

privacy tab

  1. Verify you have an Arris, Motorola or Pace DVR and you subscribe to a TV package/channel you are trying to record. You can check your TV service subscription by logging onto your My Account-hyper link to:charter.com/myaccount, go to My services and to check the channel lineup in your area visit charter.com/channels.
  2. Are you receiving separate billing statements for your TV and internet services?
    1. Contact us to merge the two accounts into one, or add an additional charter.net email address to be associated with the TV account containing the DVR.

NOTE: If your My DVR tab shows on your computer, but does not display on one of your Apple devices (iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch), go to Settings > Safari > and change Accept Cookies to Always, then refresh the page where My DVR should appear.   Online DVR Manager will work on mobile device browsers; however, the user experience of Online DVR Manager may be inconsistent with that of a regular computer web browser.

My DVR Tab is Present; No DVRs Registered

DVR Tab Present

  1. Click the Log Out button on charter.net, close all web browsers, open a new web browser, then Login and reattempt through the web interface.
  2. On the TV Remote, go to the Remote Access Set up, by hitting Menu two times on remote, then go to Set Up, then Remote Access.  Then have customer hit the 'X' to cancel Remote Access. 
  3. Wait 1 minute, then click the Log Out button on charter.net, close all web browsers, open a new web browser, then Login and reattempt through the web interface.

If this does not correct the issue please contact us.

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Error Codes

Common Causes

Response code errors occur when a communication error occurs between Charter.net online scheduling and the DVR. Any of the following could cause these errors:

  • Lost internet connection
  • Lost Charter.net connection
  • Lost communication between the DVR and Charter. net
  • DVR communication failure due to connectivity or software failure.
  • Incorrectly configured DVR – this will require you to contact us.

For causes 1 – 4 try scheduling the program at a later time. If the problems persist please contact us.

Obtain DVR MCA & Unit ID

If you are unable to resolve issues and need to contact us you may be asked to provide your DVR MCA and Unit ID. The following steps will assist you in obtaining this information from your DVR.

  • Press the menu button on the remote two times.
  • Select Remote Setup on the Interactive Program Guide.
  • Select Setup.

  • Select Cable Box Setup.

  • Select "Select to display"

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