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Parental Controls - Cisco/SA

Cisco By setting up a Personal Identification Number (PIN), you are able to block viewing by specific channel, show rating, or shows during specific times of day.


SA Remote
Cisco / Scientific Atlanta Remote

Manage Parental Locks / Purchase PINs

Parental Locks allow you to restrict viewing and purchases of TV programming based on your
viewing preferences. Set a personalized 4-digit PIN and you can place Locks on selected ratings,
channels and content advisory.

  • STEP 1 From full screen video, press Menu button twice, followed by A to access the
    General Settings Menu.
  • STEP 2 Use the Up and Down buttons to scroll to Parental Control or Purchasing and
    press the OK/Select button to open the folder.
    SA Remote
  • STEP 3 If needed, scroll to and select Change PIN.
    SA Remote
  • STEP 4 A PIN Entry dialog will appear. Enter a 4 digit number that you can remember.
    SA Remote
  • STEP 5 A PIN Entry confirmation dialog will appear. Re-enter the same PIN.

Parental Controls setup

Set Locks anytime in the guide or while watching television. Just press the Menu button
on your remote and select Activate Parental Control. Enter your 4 digit Parental Locks PIN
to activate your previously set locks. You can also set Locks from the General Settings, by
additionally pressing A.

You can set locks by channel, rating, content, and time. You can also hide adult titles in the guide.

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