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Charter TV App


With the Charter TV App, you now have even more choice in where and how you watch your favorite programming at no extra charge.  Watch live TV, browse 14 days of guide listings, schedule recordings, get recommendations and more. With the Charter TV App you now have full control of your TV experience in the palm of your hands.

Note: The Charter TV App is currently not available in Colorado, Montana, Utah and Wyoming. We will notify you when it does become available in these states.


General Information


  • Watch Live Channels on your mobile device anywhere in your home.
  • Watch Showtime channels anywhere you go with a WiFi connection (Showtime subscription required).
  • Browse On Demand content and play it on your TV.
  • Schedule DVR recordings (Motorola Digital Receiver Required).
  • Browse the Guide and search for content.
  • Use your device to change channels on your home TV.
  • And more!

There is no additional charge for the App.

Click here for the Charter service requirements required to access the Charter TV App.

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Compatible Devices

Apple App Store

Apple Devices:

iPad®, iPhone® and iPod Touch® running iOS 6.0 or higher

You can check and update your iOS version by going to Settings > General> Software Update.

Amazon Appstore

Amazon Devices:

All Kindle Fire models, including the new Kindle Fire HDX, are supported except for the 1st Generation Kindle Fire.

Note: Go to Settings > Device > About and confirm your System Version does NOT start with 6.  If it starts with 6, you have the 1st generation Kindle Fire which is NOT supported.

Googe Play Store

Android Devices:

All tablets and phones running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and above are supported.

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Minimum Charter Service Requirements

Basic access:

Basic access is available to any customer who subscribes to Charter Basic TV.

With basic access you can:

  • Interact with the guide.
  • Search for upcoming scheduled programs.
  • Add to your watchlist.
  • View kid-friendly programming in Kid Zone.
  • Check the latest scores in Sport Zone.
  • Browse On Demand

Full Access:

Full Access is available to any customer who subscribes to Charter Expanded Basic TV (or higher).

With Full Access you can enjoy the basic features listed above, plus:

  • Stream live TV.
  • Set recordings or reminders.
  • Use your device as a remote to change channels.
  • A Charter authorized modem connected to a secure wireless router is required.
  • A compatible Charter digital receiver is required to access tuning and DVR functions.
  • Motorola Digital Receivers can access Guide features and DVR functions.
  • Cisco/Scientific Atlanta Digital Receivers CANNOT access DVR functions at this time.

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Installing the Charter TV App

  1. Go to the App store on your device, search for Charter TV and install the Charter TV App. The app icon will look like this:

Charter TV App Icon

  1. Locate the Charter TV App on your device and tap to open.

Note: Charter has two Charter TV Apps available for download. Residential Charter customers should download the Charter TV App while students at the University of Wisconsin - Madison should download the Charter U App.  The Charter U App will only work on the University of Wisconsin - Madison campus.

Uof W Charter App

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Inside Your Home - Bypassing Login

When using the Charter TV App inside your home via your Charter network, you will automatically bypass login to enable quick access to the app. Users are automatically signed in with guest access and directed into the Charter TV App Home page.

The following message will appear when you are bypassing login to enter the app in guest access status. Tapping the message redirects you to the login page, if you wish to access the personalized features such as Watchlist or Favorites. 


When logged under guest access, personalized sections of the Charter TV App, such as Watchlist, Favorites, and Customized Panels, are disabled.  These areas are grayed out in the main navigation menu.  Selecting these disabled sections will present you with an option to log in for full access.

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Log In

  1. Open the Charter TV icon on your device.
  2. Enter your Charter.net email address and password or My Account user name and password. Click here for information on finding your Charter.net email address and password
  3. Tap the Log In button once you've entered your credentials.


  1. Tap Accept on the Charter Software License Agreement screen.


  1. Tap OK on the Adult Content Warning to proceed. By tapping OK, you acknowledge the application contains content that may not be appropriate for all age groups.

Adult content warning

  1. The Charter TV App home page displays.


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Create a Log In

If you do not currently have a Charter.net Email address and password you can create one using the Charter TV App.

  1. From the log in screen, tap the Create Account button.

create account

  1. Enter information in the required fields and tap Submit
  2. Choose a Charter ID and tap NEXT to confirm your new Charter.net email was successfully set-up.

Note: Only Account Number and Last Name are required fields

account number & last name

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Password Reset

  1. From the log in screen, tap the Reset Password button.
account number & last name
  1. Enter information in the required fields and tap Next.
  2. Populate the Charter.net email address and Account Number fields and tap Next.

NOTE: When you reset your password while on a Charter Internet network, a drop down menu in the Charter.net email field pre-populates with the Charter.net email address associated with the account. If you are off the Charter Internet Network, you must add your security code, service zip code, or last name.

  1. Enter the New Password and Confirm Password, tap Next.

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Having trouble accessing the Charter TV App?  Be sure that you have downloaded the latest version of the app from the app store. The Charter TV App version is updated periodically to include new features and bug fixes.

If you need assistance while on the login screen, you can access help information.

  1. From the login screen, tap the Need Help? button.

Need Help?

  1. The Support Contact information displays.

help screen

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User Status

Select the Menu icon at the top left of the App to display your current access status.

  • In Home: Full Access - indicates that you are logged in and on your Charter Network.
  • In Home: Login for Personalization - indicates that you have auto-authenticated into the App on your Charter Network, but have not logged in. You are unable to access the personalized sections of the App.
  • Out of Home: Limited Access - indicates that you are logged in but you are not on your Charter Internet or Charter Network.

User Status

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Channels Available for Live Streaming*

Inside Your Home

*Channel availability varies by market.

ABC Family
Animal Planet
BBC America
BBC World News
BET HD - East
BET HD - West
BTN (Big Ten Network)
Cartoon Network
Cinemax - 5StarMAX - HD
Cinemax - ActionMAX HDTV (East)
Cinemax HDTV (East)
Cinemax - ThrillerMAX HDTV (East)
CMT - East
CMT - West
CNN Headline News (HLN)
Comedy Central HD - East
Comedy Central HD - West
Destination America
Disney Jr.
Disney XD
Encore Action
Encore Drama
Encore Family

ESPN Classic
ESPN Goalline
FOOD Network
Fox Business
Fox Deportes
Fox Movie Channel
Fox News
Fox Sports 1
Fox Sports 2
Great American Country HD
GSN (Game Show Network)
Hallmark Movie Channel
HBO 2 HDTV (East)
HBO Comedy HDTV (East)
HBO Family HDTV (East)
HBO Latino HDTV (East)
HBO Signature HDTV (East)
HBO Zone HDTV (East)
HDNet Movies
History 2 HSN (Home Shopping Network)
IFC (Independent Film Channel)
Indie Plex
Inspirational Network HD
Investigation Discovery
Lifetime Movie Network

Max Latino/Cinemax - @MAXHD
MoreMax HDTV(East)
Movie Max/Cinemax - WMAX - W Max HDTV
MoviePlex SD
MTV HD - East
MTV HD - West
MTV2 HD - East
MTV2 HD - West
National Geographic
NFL Network
NFL RedZone
Nick Jr HD
Nickelodeon HD - East
Nickelodeon HD - West
Nicktoons Network HD
Outdoor Channel
Outdoor Max HDTV
Reelz Channel
Retro Plex
Science Channel
Showtime Beyond
Showtime Extreme
Showtime Next
Showtime Showcase
Showtime Too
Showtime Women

Sportsman Channel
Starz Cinema
Starz Comedy
Starz Edge
Starz InBlack
Starz Kids & Family
Tennis Channel
The Golf Channel
The Movie Channel
The Movie Channel Extra
Travel Channel
Turner Classic Movies
TV Land HD - East
TV Land HD - West
TV One
VH1 HD - East
VH1 HD - West

Inside Your Home - Regional Sports Networks

Live Local Channels are available in the following markets; however, channel availability varies by market.

  • BTNHD - Big 10 Network HD (Michigan)
  • BTNHD - Big 10 Network HD (Minnesota)
  • BIGTENEXT1 - Big 10 Network Overflow 1
  • BIGTENEXT2 - Big 10 Network Overflow 2
  • BTFB1 - Big 10 Network Overflow 3
  • BTFB2 - Big 10 Network Overflow 4
  • BTNHD - Big 10 Network HD (Nebraska)
  • FSD HD - Fox Sports Detroit HD
  • FSDHD+ - Fox Sports Detroit Plus HD
  • FSN+HD - Fox Sports Midwest Plus (Missouri) HD
  • FSN+HD - Fox Sports Midwest Plus (St. Louis) HDTV
  • FSNHD - Fox Sports Midwest HD St. Louis 24/7
  • FSN - Fox Sports North - Wisc.
  • FSN - Fox Sports North (Metro)
  • FSNHD - Fox Sports North HD Out of Market
  • FSN HD - Fox Sports South HD
  • SPSOHD - SportSouth 24/7 HDTV-Asheville
  • SPSOHD - SportSouth 24/7 HDTV-Greenville
  • SPSOHD - SportSouth 24/7 HDTV-Picayune
  • CSNCH - Comcast SportsNet Chicago
  • SECN - SEC Network HD
  • SECN2 - SEC Overflow 1 HD

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Inside Your Home - Live Local Channels

Live Local Channels are available in the following markets; however, channel availability varies by market.

  • Minneapolis/ St. Paul
  • Flint-Saginaw-Bay City
  • Greenville-Spartanburg-Asheville-Anderson
  • Madison, WI
  • St. Louis, MO
  • Grand Rapids-Kalamazoo-Battle Creek
  • Milwaukee
  • Birmingham (Ann, Tusc)
  • Reno
  • New Orleans
  • Montgomery / Selma
  • Traverse City / Cadillac

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Outside Your Home

Showtime Extreme

Showtime Showcase
Showtime Too

Showtime Beyond
Showtime Next

Showtime Women

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Navigating the Charter TV App

Browse Panel Tiles

There are various options available to view the content titles available in the home panel.

  1. Swipe Left or Right to view additional titles.


  1. Tap the Right Arrow circle button to the left of the selected category to browse the titles on one page.

browse all

  1. Tap the Sort button on the right side of the page and select either A-Z or Z-A to arrange the titles.
  2. Tab the Back button on the left side of the page to exit Browse All and return to the previous screen.


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Customize Panels

You can customize the home page panels to provide convenient access to your favorite content.

  1. On the home screen scroll down and tap the Plus icon (+) in the lower left.


  1. To add a panel tap, the Plus icon (+) for your desired panel under Add a Panel

add a panel

  1. To remove a panel tap, the X icon for your desired panel under Your Panels

remove a panel

  1. Reorganize the panels on the home page using the reorder icon to change the positioning of each panel within the listing.

reorganize panels

  1. When finished tap the Done button to exit the window.

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My Favorites

You have the option to add your favorite channels to the My Favorites panel for easy accessibility.
Note: Adding a favorite channel using the Charter TV App does not impact your favorite channel list on your Digital Receiver

  1. Tap the Edit icon on the left side of the page in the My Favorites panel to access the channels list.

edit icon

  1. Scroll through the channel list and tap the Heart icon next to the channel(s) you want to add. Your selected channels are displayed in the My Favorites panel.
  2. Tap the Heart icon a second time to remove it.
  3. Tap Done when you are finished.

select favorites

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Search for Titles

You can use the search feature to locate a specific title, genre or other criteria such as an actor's name.

  1. On the upper right corner of the Charter TV App home screen, tap the Search icon (magnifying glass).


  1. Using the keypad, enter title, genre or actor name and a list displays with the available titles.
  2. Tap the Browse All link to view additional titles in the list. Swipe down to view additional titles.

browse all

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More Info

When selecting a program you can view more info by swiping down on your device screen.

  • Episodes - Find details surrounding previous episodes of a series (if available).
  • More Like This - Displays titles similar to your selected title.
  • Cast & Crew - Displays a list of cast and crew members. Tap on a cast or crew member's name to view additional information.
  • Photos - Displays still photos of content from the selected program.

poster view

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You can access the Guide page by tapping the Guide icon at the bottom of the home page. The Guide page provides the ability to:

Filter Categories to display channels according to content categories. To filter:

  1. Tap Filter at the top left corner of the page.
  2. Tap the desired category list to view the related content.
  3. To remove the filters, tap Clear Filters at the bottom of the filter drop down menu or the right of the page.

Sort Channels to locate channels with ease. To sort:

  1. Tap Sort on the far right side of the page to sort by channel number.
  2. Tap Sort a second time to sort alphabetically.

Network Listings displays the listings for a specific network. To view a network’s listings:

  1. On the left of the page, tap on the desired Network Name.
  2. Tap on a program to view the available viewing options.

Future Listings provides channel content listings scheduled for up to 14 days. To view future listings:

  1. Tap the drop down arrow next to today's date at the top left of the page.
  2. Scroll down the list to locate and select the desired date.

Viewing and Recording options are built into the guide. To view or record a program:

  1. Tap the program in the listings to access the available options
  2. Tap an available option
    • Play - Begin viewing the selected program
    • Choose Cable Box - Choose which Digital Receiver you want to control
    • Send to TV - Change your TV to that program
    • Record - Schedule the program to record on a DVR (Motorola Receivers only)


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Live TV

Access all the content that is currently available for viewing using your device by tapping the Live TV button. Simply tap a program from the available list to begin viewing.

Note: If the program is not listed under Live TV, it is currently not available for viewing using your device.


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On Demand

You can browse and select On Demand content to play on your TV immediately or add to your watchlist for future viewing.

Tap the desired title to access the options.


Tap SEND TO TV to view on your TV immediately or WATCHLIST to add the title to your Watchlist to view on your TV later.


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Instant Upgrade

If you select a channel to which you do not currently subscribe, the Charter TV App will ask if you' d  like to upgrade your TV Service. You are given two options to instantly upgrade to a level of service that includes the desired channel.

  • You can select upgrade via your TV.
    • When selected, the TV App uses the "send to TV" functionality to tune the TV to the Instant Upgrade channel and you can complete the upgrade through your remote control.  
  • You can upgrade by contacting a Charter Customer Service Representative.

upgrade app

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With Watchlist, you can build a list of programs that you would like to watch in the future.

  • To add a program to your watchlist, choose your title and tap the pushpin icon.
  • To delete a program from your watchlist, tap the red X icon to the right of the title.


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Kid Zone

You can access the Kid Zone page by tapping the Kid Zone icon at the bottom of the home page. The Kid Zone page allows you to lock your Charter TV App on kid friendly programming.


To lock onto Kid Zone:

  1. Tap the Lock icon at the upper left corner of the page.
  2. Tap Lock on the Enable Kid Zone Lock dialogue box.

Live TV

To unlock the Kid Zone:

  1. Tap the lock icon at the upper left corner of the page.
  2. Enter your Charter Login password.
  3. Tap unlock.


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Sport Zone

You can access the Sport Zone page by tapping the Sport Zone icon at the bottom of the home page. The Sport Zone page allows you to access all available games on TV and all programs relating to sports.

Games on TV

The Games on TV section displays:

  • Current games in progress with live scores and estimated time remaining.
  • Completed games for today with final scores
  • Future games listed by day
  • A Thuuz excitement rating

Sport Zone allows you to control whether scores are visible. At the left of the sport heading, tap Spoiler to turn spoilers on or off.

  • Current games in progress with live scores and estimated time remaining.
  • A green check mark indicates that spoilers are ON and all scores are viewable.
  • A red X indicated that spoilers are OFF and scores are hidden

Tapping any game will allow you to stream the program when available. A Play icon appears if streaming is available and a green key appears if you are not subscribed to the required level of Charter TV Service.



The Programs section displays all sports programs currently airing and a brief description of the program.

Program View

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You can access the Settings page by tapping the Settings icon at the bottom of the home page. The Settings page allows you to:

  • Summary: View your account user name and account number.
  • Manage Devices: Manage your digital receivers by assigning nicknames for easy identification.
  • About: View the Charter Privacy Policy or License.


The best way to differentiate between digital receivers when you are scheduling DVR recordings or changing channels is to assign each a nickname. To manage your devices:

  1. Tap Manage Devices.
  2. Tap Check this TV for each TV on the account until a message with the digital receiver MAC address displays on the TV screen.
  3. Replace the STB assignment with a nickname.
  4. Tap Save.

NOTE: The default TV can be set for the TV used most often.

Live TV

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You have two ways to ways to play content:

  • On Device: Tap the PLAY button to start watching on your tablet or smart phone (Live TV Only).
  • On TV: Choose the cable box you want to watch on and tap the SEND TO TV button (Live or On Demand Content requires a compatible Digital Receiver).


  • Done: Stop viewing the program.
  • TV icon: View the program on the TV.
  • More Info: View information on the program currently playing.
  • Play/Pause: Pause or play a program.
  • Closed Captioning: Turn Closed Captioning on or off.
  • Volume Control: Slide left or right to turn volume down or up.

control program

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Record (Motorola/Arris Digital Receivers Only)

Select your desired DVR then tap the appropriate recording option:

  • Record: Record a single listing.
  • Record Series: Record all upcoming episodes of a series.


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