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Optimum is Now Charter in Montana, Colorado, Wyoming and Utah

On July 1, 2013, Charter Communications acquired the former Optimum properties operating in the states of Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and Utah and we look forward to serving customers under the Charter name.

The following information is intended to provide you with information needed related to the transition from Optimum to Charter Communications.

In the upcoming months we will begin transitioning your current services to Charter Services. We will migrate customers in Phases.  Phase I customers began receiving mail and phone messages at the middle of September. Phase I customers migration will begin October 16, 2013 through December 10, 2013.

If you have received a letter about migrating Bresnan services to Charter, you can expect the following changes to occur with your service:

Phone Service Change information


Your voice mail messages received prior to your migration date will be available for a limited time by calling a special number.Click here to view the number for your area and the process to retrieve you messages. Your old messages will only be available for 45 days after receipt but no longer than 12/21/13. We recommend either making a note of them prior to migration or recording them to a smart phone or other recording device. Click here for suggestions on recording your voice mails. After migration, you may access your voice mails as you do now.

Voicemail Dial-in Access Numbers Post Migration




Billings, MT



Missoula, MT



Great Falls, MT



Helena, MT



Cheyenne, WY



Casper, WY



Grand Junction, CO



Canon City, CO



Click here to see all cities and associated Market that will ensure you are calling the correct phone number.

Basic procedure:

  1. Dial the number in your market.
    • You will hear, "Welcome to voicemail service. Please enter a mailbox number."
  2. Enter your 10-digit Phone Number. There will be a pause.
    • You will hear, "Please enter your password."
  3. Enter your 4-digit PIN. There will be a pause.
    • You will hear, "Main Menu". This is the main prompt. Your options will vary depending on your messages.

After the 10 digit number and after the 4 digit pin is entered you can press the # key which will eliminate the pause.

If you enter the wrong information in 3 times in a row you will hear: "Thank you for calling." At which point the call is dropped.

How to Record Voicemail Messages

Recording your existing voicemails is a great way to save important messages. There are many ways to record your voicemails ranging from simple to more advanced methods. Here are a few options to consider:

Consider recording important voicemail messages directly to your Smartphone, computer, or recording device (cassette player, Mp3 or iPod). To improve the sound quality, consider purchasing a telephone recording adapter available online and at retail stores.. You can also record directly to your cell phone or computer, using the built-in or external microphone.

To record using a telephone recording adapter:

  1. Plug your telephone handset into the recording adapter handset jack and plug the other end of the adapter into the telephone handset jack
  2. Plug the 3.5mm recording adapter audio jack into your recording device (cassette player, Mp3, iPod). Note: 3.5mm audio jacks do not fit most cell phones, which typically use a 2.5mm jack
  3. Set the switch on the recording adapter to the "Record" position
  4. Access your own voicemail by following the prompts and dialing the keypad as instructed
  5. Begin listening to your messages
  6. Record the voicemail message by pressing record on your recording device
  7. Press stop recording when finished


Figure 1: Telephone Recording Adapter
Recording Adapter

To record using a computer or cell phone and microphone:

  1. Connect a microphone to your computer or cell phone, or use the built in microphone, and place it next to your telephone speaker
  2. Access your recording program (e.g. Sound Recorder located in Windows>Accessories, Voice Memos located in iPhone>Utilities, etc.)
  3. Place your telephone on "speaker"
  4. Access your own voicemail by following the prompts and dialing the keypad as instructed
  5. Begin listening to your messages
  6. Record the voicemail message by pressing the record button located in your recording software on your computer or cell phone
  7. Press the record button again to stop recording when finished
  8. Save the file as prompted. You can also save files by clicking the "Ctrl" and "S" keys at the same time to open a "Save" dialog box, choose a file name, then click the "Save" button to store the file on your hard drive

Figure 2: Voice Memos iPhone

iPhone Voice Memos

For the More Tech Savvy

To record using a PC calling program like Skype or Google Voice:

  1. Download and install a PC calling program like Skype or Google Voice and / or a call recording program
    • Note: The remaining instructions in this section pertain to Google Voice; however most online calling or recording programs offer similar functionality
  2. Setup your contact numbers in your Google Voice account settings
  3. Call your Google Voice phone number and conference in your voicemail number—it is important that Google Voice "sees" the call as an incoming call in order to record it. For example if you setup your Google Voice to forward calls to your cell phone, it will see it as an incoming call. In this scenario you can pick up the call on your cell, then conference in your voicemail and begin retrieving your messages
  4. Access your own voicemail by following the prompts and dialing the keypad as instructed
  5. Begin listening to your messages
  6. Record the voicemail message by following the PC calling program prompts (e.g. Google Voice hit 4 to start recording and 4 again to stop recording)
  7. Once your voicemail is completed, Google Voice will save the voicemail to your inbox where you can download it in Mp3 format. You can also save files by clicking the "Ctrl" and "S" keys at the same time to open a "Save" dialog box, choose a file name, then click the "Save" button to store the file on your hard drive

Phone feature changes

Most phone features, such as call waiting and call forwarding, can still be managed through your handset. However, you will no longer be able to manage the following features using your handset:

  • Call Screening (aka Selective Call Rejection, Block Unwanted Callers)
  • Custom Ring (aka VIP Ringing)
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Call Forwarding – Busy/No Answer

Call Forwarding – Busy/No Answer

Former Bresnan call forwarding setup:

  • Call forwarding on busy: *40/*98
  • Call forwarding no answer: 42/*97

Former Optimum customers and new customers installed after 10/16/2013 call forwarding setup:

  • Call forwarding: *72/*73
  • Call forwarding on busy/no answer: To manage this feature after setup, please visit the voice portal.

Note: Once you are migrated you will need to re-establish call forwarding.

For these features, you will need to login to My Optimum Voice.

Already Have an Optimum ID?

  1. Click here to sign in to your Optimum account
  2. Enter your Optimum ID and Password
  3. Click the Sign in to Optimum.net button

Don't Have an Optimum ID?

  1. Click here to create an Optimum ID
  2. Enter your Account Number, Last Name on your account and Phone Number on your account
  3. Click Continue

Once you sign in, you can manage your phone features.

What if I can't create an Optimum ID with my telephone number, last name and account number?

In some cases, you may also need the Media Access Control (MAC) address located on the back of your phone modem. The MAC address is a 12 digit code labeled MAC ID on the bar code located on the back of your modem. If you need to enter the MAC address, you will be prompted to do so.

Service Interruption

Will my phone service be interrupted?

There will be a small outage during the migration time frame for your phone service. Plan to have a cell phone handy. We will notify you in advance!

Will my phone number change?

No. Your existing phone number will not change as part of the transition to Charter.

911 Service

How will I be able to call 911 if my service is not working?

Up to 2 days before your service is transitioned we will contact you as a reminder. We will take every step to limit the amount of time your service is out, but you may want to have a cell phone available in case of emergency. We can also set up an order to transition your services sooner so that you can plan in advance.

Medical Support Systems

I currently have medical equipment hooked up to my phone service; will it still be supported with my new service?

Medical Life Alert and other emergency medical support systems will not work if the modem loses power. We do not provide the connection to such service nor do we provide technical support for the connection.

Internet Service Change information


Will my current bresnan.net e-mail address change?

No. You will continue to use your bresnan.net email address.

Will my current Optimum email address change to a Charter email address?

No. At this time, you will continue to keep your existing email account.

Internet Speed

Will my Internet speed change?

Internet customers whom we have notified will see an increase in Internet speed when their phone system is upgraded. For details please refer to the letter mailed to you.

TV Service Change information

Channel Lineup Changes

Will my channel-lineup change?

Video customers who have been notified will see changes on their lineups when their phone system is upgraded. Impacted customers will receive a letter showing the changes to their specific lineup. Please refer to the letter for details.

Online Access to Channel Lineups

Your channel lineup is available on at: http://west.optimum.com/services/digital_tv/channel_line-up/ or http://www.bresnan.com/support/support_for_home/channel_line-up.

DVR Recordings

DVR recordings will not be lost, but scheduled recordings may need to be reset due to channel lineup changes.

Charter TV App

I heard about the Charter TV App., when will it be available to me?

The Charter TV App is expected to be available to you some time in 2014.

Billing & Other Change Information

Note: These are Additional FAQs if you were notified that you are part of the transition to Charter Services beginning October 16th, 2013.

Why do I have to change my services?

As a result of the acquisition of Optimum by Charter, we will upgrade your phone system and transition you to new Charter packaging.

Do I have to wait until I'm notified in October to change my services?

No. We can discuss different package options with you today and schedule the transition sooner.

Will my bill go up? Will my statement due date change?

Customers whom we have notified are migrating to Charter Services your package pricing may change beginning October 16th. For details please refer to the letter mailed to you. Please watch your mail and check your voicemails for important upcoming changes.

I'm currently on a promotion, will it stay the same?

Customers whom we have notified are migrating to Charter Services will be eligible for new promotions. We will work with you to assess your household and budget needs and assist you in getting the best package at the best price.

Is Bresnan/Optimum now Charter?

Yes. Charter Communications recently acquired the former Bresnan/Optimum properties operating in the states of Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and Utah.

I have a Bresnan service and/or Optimum package, how does that affect me now that you are now Charter?

If you currently subscribe to an Optimum package you will continue to receive your current packages.

If you currently subscribe to a Legacy Bresnan package we began migrating your services October 16th through December 10, 2013 to Charter services. We began notifying transitioning customers September 16th, 2013 by mail and phone.

Where should I send my bill for payment? Are the bill payment locations changing?

Please continue to submit your payments as you have done previously. At this time there are no changes to payment locations.

I'm a Business customer, how will this change affect me?

Business customers who currently subscribe to an Optimum or Legacy Bresnan package will continue to receive their current packages. In the event there is a change you will receive the appropriate communication. 

Am I eligible to participate in the Charter Rewards Program -- Live It with Charter®?

It is expected that you will be eligible to participate in our rewards program, Live It with Charter®, beginning some time in 2014. More information will be communicated in the near future.

Will there be any changes to Optimum Rewards?

If you have TV, Voice and Internet services and are receiving the combined monthly discount of up to $25, you will continue to do so.

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