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Charter WiFi Netgear Connect Additional Devices

Netgear WNDR3800 (Red Label)
Netgear WNDR4300 (Silver Label)
Netgear 6300

You can choose either the manual connection method or the WiFi Protected Set-up (WPS) method to add wireless devices and other equipment to your wireless network.


WiFi Connection

Manual Connection

You can connect your wireless devices (laptop computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.) to your WiFi network by manually entering the settings on each specific wireless device. You will need to know the network name (SSID) and password in order to connect the device.

Your router will have your Network name and password recorded on a sticker on the bottom of the router

  1. Network Name (SSID)
  2. Network Key (WiFi Password)


If your router does not have your network name and password listed on the bottom, click here for additional help on finding your network name and password.

For a list of the most popular wireless devices and instructions for connecting to a WiFi network click here.

To connect a device to your wireless network:

  1. You will need your Network Name (SSID) and your router/modem password.  You can find these on the sticker on the bottom of your router or written in on  your WiFi installation guide. If you are unable to locate them click here for additional help on finding your Network Name and Password
  2. Open the settings for managing connections on your device and look for Wireless or WiFi. The location of wireless settings will vary depending on the device you are trying to connect. Click here for a list and instructions for connecting the most common wireless devices
  3. Make sure your devices WiFi is set to ON
  4. Now look for your WiFi network name on your device and select it

Note: The name of your WiFi network is the same as the SSID on the sticker on the bottom of your router

  1. Next, enter your WiFi password and tap/click Connect or Join

Note: Your password is the same as your network key or password on the sticker on the bottom of your router

Your device is now connected to your WiFi network!

Click here if you are still having trouble connecting you device to your wireless network

WiFi Protected Setup (WPS)

WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) is a standard for easily adding computers and other devices to a home network while maintaining security. To use WPS, make sure that all wireless devices to be connected to the network are Wi-Fi certified and support WPS.

During the connection process, the client gets the security settings from the router so that every device in the network has the same security settings.
If your wireless device supports WPS (Push 'N' Connect), follow these steps:

  1. Press the WPS button on the router front panel

  1. Within 2 minutes, press the WPS button on your wireless device or follow the WPS instructions that came with the device. The device is now connected to your WiFi network

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