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Charter TV with DVR

This article answers some of the most commonly asked DVR (Digital Video Receiver) questions. You may choose a topic or question from the list below or scroll through all of the questions to gain a better understanding of Charter TV with DVR.

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Charter DVR vs. VCR

Unlike a VCR, Charter DVR allows you to relax and enjoy more entertainment with features such as…

  • Seamlessly record your favorite movies, sitcoms, documentaries, prime-time dramas and live sporting events at your convenience.
  • Access your live, recorded and On Demand programs all in one place through Charter’s simple Interactive Program Guide.
  • Make a season recording of a regularly occurring broadcast. Don’t miss that breakthrough episode or the season finale just because you weren’t home or forgot to set the recorder.
  • Continue watching live TV while recording another program on a completely different channel!
  • Watch the recorded program that you’ve been dying to watch while recording what’s on now, all at the same time! (up to 2 live broadcasts)
  • Record two programs that are broadcasted at the same time so you don’t have to be in two places at once!
  • Watch that new release date movie On Demand while recording a regularly scheduled live broadcast that you just couldn’t miss!
  • Pause and rewind live TV... Relax and feel free to pick up the phone or flip the burgers even just before the climax of your favorite show.
  • Record standard or high definition programming… we’ve got you covered no matter what the technical quality of the picture.

Recording Two Shows at Once

You can watch one program while recording another program or you can record two programs simultaneously while watching a third recorded program.

DVR Availability

Charter DVR is available in most areas. Please contact us to inquire about availability.

Nothing Extra to Purchase

We will provide you with a Charter TV with DVR receiver when you sign up for Charter DVR service.

Customer Owned DVR

You can use your own DVR with Charter TV in Digital however, setting up and supporting a standalone DVR system from another company with your Charter Digital Cable® set-top box may be confusing to some users. If you have problems with your non-Charter TV with DVR, Charter would be unable to assist you. Typically, you would also have two separate pieces of equipment in this situation: your Charter Digital Cable® set-top box and your third-party DVR.

DVR On/Off & Scheduled Recordings

Scheduled recording will occur in the background when the DVR is off. This is true even if both tuners are being used for recordings. DVR’s do not need to turn on to record.

Note: MOXI and TiVo DVRs do not have an On\Off button. They are always on.

How to Record Programming

The quickest way to record a program with your Digital Video Recorder is to push the red 'REC' button on your remote. This will display a menu with the different recording options for that program.

For specific instructions on recording, including setting up series recordings, click here and choose the image that matches your interactive guide.

Click here for additional user information on the equipment in your home.

Recording Capacity

Charter DVRs come in different hard disk drive sizes and thus the recording capacity varies. Another factor to be considered in determining maximum recording capacity is that analog programs are larger and take up more space than digital programs. High definition programs also take up more space than analog and standard definition digital.

  • Motorola DVR
    On average, a Motorola DVR will record and store up to 100 digital hours, up to 43 analog hours, and up to 21 HD hours or a combo thereof.
  • Cisco/SA
    On average, a Cisco/SA 80 GB hard disk drive can record and store between 30 and 50 hours as opposed to a 160 GB hard disk drive which may store up to 90 hours of standard definition digital programming.
  • MOXI
    On average, a MOXI 500 GB hard disk drive can hold up to 75 hours of high-definition recording or 300 hours of standard-definition.

If you need more hard disk storage, Charter supports external hard drive connections via the External Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (eSata) port on Cisco/SA and Motorola DVR Digital Receivers.

Recording HD Programming

You can view and record HD programming with Charter TV in HD with DVR. If you are interested in a Charter TV with DVR that supports HD programming, please specify when ordering.

Recording Premium Channels

You can record programming from premium channels such as HBO, STARZ, etc. on your Charter DVR.  Plus, if you have HD, you can record the HD programming on your Charter DVR.

Recording Charter OnDemand™

On Demand programming cannot be recorded onto a DVR.

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