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Charter.net Email Parent Account

Included with our Internet Service are 10 email addresses/accounts.

To learn more on setting up email addresses, designating the parent email addresses and special privileges of the parent email address or Head of household email address as it is also known please select a topic below.


Parent Email Address

The designated Parent Email address or Head of Household email address has special privileges that the additional email addresses or child email addresses do not have. The Parent email address can enable parental controls on the child email and enable access to charter.net online content for the child address.

When you have multiple Charter. net email addresses the primary charter. net email address, the one YOU designate as the Primary is known as the Parent Account/Head of Household (HOH).

Once you establish your parent email address adding additional child email addresses and designating privileges is easy.

  • The first email address can be done through My Account.
    • Click here to set up a My Account. Once you have created your My Account the following link will assist you in using the Online Tools tab to designate your parent/head of household email address
  • Contact us and chat or speak to a customer service agent.

Child Email Addresses

Child Email addresses only have access to change their own passwords. Child accounts cannot add/remove/modify other Email Addresses, Parental Controls, Web space, or Charter Security Suite.

You have two options for creating your child email addresses.

1. Additional email addresses can be created with My Account

  • Login to your My Account from Charter.com


  • Once you have logged into your My Account click on the "Online Tools" Tab. From this tab you can add your child email addresses by clicking on the "Add New Email" button on the bottom and creating email addresses and passwords.

    Add New Email

2. You can create child email addresses within the Charter Email interface while logged in with the Parent/Head of Household Username and password. Below are the steps to create child email addresses through your email.

  • Log into your email from: charter.net
  • Click the green envelope next to "Email"

    Log In

  • Login into your email using your parent email address and password

    Login Welcome

  • Through your email you will select Online Tools.

    Internet Services and Tools

  • By choosing the "Online Tools" tab you will receive the following pages. From here you can add email address(s) by clicking on the "Add New Email" button at the bottom of the page.

add email address


add email address 

Parent/Head of Household Privileges

Email Parental Controls

With the parent/head of household username and password you can control the following for each child email address:

  • Allow specific email addresses and domains to be sent to the child address
  • Block specific email addresses and domains from being accepted by a child address
  • Delete failed blocked email addresses and domains from a child address
  • Forward failed blocked email addresses and domains from a child address to the parent email address
  • Determine the handling of child email address of all other email that is either allowed or blocked. Parents can either opt to allow the rest of the email to be delivered to the child or delete all other email.

email parental controls

Charter.net Parental Controls

With the parent/head of household username and password you can control the following for each child email address:

  • Determine which child accounts can purchase additional online services
  • Determine which child accounts can access your existing online services
  • Set Charter Music Monthly spending limits- $0 in this field would make purchases unavailable
  • Determine which child accounts can access Charter Radio

To allow or remove these privileges click the child email address and click the appropriate services.

While viewing the Parental Controls for charter.net, any item with a check mark confirms that product is available for that email address.

Any product without a check would be unavailable for that email address.

Parental Controls

Changing Designated Parent Email Address

As the Parent Email or Head of Household you may decide to designate a different email address as the parent. You can do this by logging into your email account with the current parent email/head of household username and password and clicking on the radio button next to the email address you now want to become the parent address. This radio button is located under the 'Head of Household' column.

Parent / Head of Household

Creating Web Space

Parent/Head of Household email addresses have access to create Web space  or modify the existing Web Space password from Online Tools. Child accounts do not have access to this screen.

manage web space

Managing Security Suite

Parent/Head of Household users can learn about, activate and download the Charter Security Suite. Active keys are also listed in this section of Charter Email’s Online Tools. Child addresses do not have access to this tab.

security suite

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