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Account Change Notification

Various state and federal laws, including the Cable Act, the Telecommunications Act, and *Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI) requires Charter to protect customer information. Charter is committed to protecting your personal identifiable information, financial information and telephone records in accordance with regulatory and statutory requirements.

Because of our commitment to protecting your privacy, there will be some instances when only the named account holder, i.e., the person(s) named on the account, can perform certain actions.

In addition to certain restrictions of activity on your account you will receive notice when certain activity has taken place on your account.

If you subscribe to Charter Phone Service, you will receive an email, a voicemail, or postcard when any one of the following takes place:

  •  You request a customer service agent to make a change to your Security Code or you change it yourself through your My Account
    • For additional information on security codes click here.
    • For additional information on managing your My Account online click here.
  • You request a customer service agent to  make a change to your billing address or you change it through My Account;  this includes corrections or case sensitive corrections
  • You request a customer service agent to change your email address or you change  it yourself through your My Account
  • You request to add or change a customer PIN that on your account record. This is optional added verification process that you may choose to ask a customer service agent to add to your account. This cannot be added or changed on line through your My Account.
  • If you make any one or any combination of the following changes to your My Account:
    • Username (a.k.a. Login)
    • Security Question
    • Security Answer
    • Contact Email*
    • Password
    • Creation of a new account in My Account

Post Card Notification Sample

post card

Email Notification Sample

notification email

*The Customer Privacy and Customer Proprietary Network Information can be found at the bottom of every page on Charter.com under the section entitled "Your Privacy Rights".

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