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Switched Digital Video (SDV) Overview

Switched Digital Video (SDV) is a more efficient way to add new channels and services on existing bandwidth by having digitally encrypted channels 'switch out' when no one requests them and 'switch in' when someone wants to watch them.

On an SDV system, only the digital channel being watched is transmitted, or 'switched in', to your home at any given time. The unwatched channels are not transmitted, or 'switched out', until one is tuned to for viewing.

Customer Impacts

Existing Customers

The SDV experience is essentially seamless for all customers who do not have a CableCARD, TiVo, or retail Personal Video Recorder (PVR) device.

Charter CableCARDcustomers in SDV areas must have a Charter Digital receiver in order to receive the full spectrum of digitally encrypted channels in SDV areas.

Third party CableCARD devices, including TiVo and retail PVR devices, do not currently support SDV without the aid of a Tuning Adaptor, which enables access to the full spectrum of digitally encrypted channels (based on subscription). The Tuning Adaptor is available through Charter.

To find out what options are best for you, please Contact Us to speak to a Customer Care Representative about what is currently available in your area.

New Customers

Customers who request a CableCARD, TiVo customers, or customers with retail PVR devices in SDV markets will be informed that they would not receive the full spectrum of digitally encrypted channels without the use of additional Charter equipment (e.g. Cable Receiver, Tuning Adaptor).

SDV Topics

Self Owned Moxi

Customer Owned Moxi’s will work with the Charter provided Tuning Adaptors.

Purchasing A Tuning Adaptor

Tuning Adaptors are not available for retail purchase, at this time.

SDV Similar To On Demand

SDV works similarly to Charter’s ON DEMAND channels.

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