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Mac OSX WiFi & Email Connection

Follow the Steps below to connect your Mac OSX device to your Charter WiFi and your Charter.net Email account.

Wireless Connection

  1. When you are on the desktop of the computer, you will see the AirPort Utility in the upper, right-hand corner of the screen, next to the clock.

AirPort Utility

The AirPort icon looks like radio waves; see the red-boxed icon below. When not connected to a network, it will be a light gray color.

AirPort Icon

  1. Clicking on the AirPort icon will open the list of available wireless networks.

Available Wireless Networks

  1. Clicking on the name of the wireless network will start the connection process, if the network is unsecured, it will simply connect. If you choose a secured network, it will ask you for the network key of the network.

Connection Process

  1. After typing the network key into this window, clicking the OK button will finish the connection. If the key entered incorrectly, a warning dialog box will pop up on the screen. If the connection succeeds, there will be no notification, the AirPort icon will turn black, and it will display the signal strength of the network with the curved bars of the icon.

Finish Connection

You can now open your web browser and surf the internet.

  1. Entering the incorrect network key into the AirPort utility, will require going to the 'Open Network Preferences' option in the Airport menu.

Open Network Preferences

After clicking on this menu, the Network Preferences screen will present.

network Preferences

  1. Click on the "Advanced…" button at the bottom of the page open the list of stored networks.

List of Networks

  1. Click on the network name, and press the '-'(minus or dash) key to remove the network settings from the computer.
  2. Click the OK button to apply the changes.
You can now repeat Steps 1 through 5 to get connected to your network by using the correct network key.

Charter Email

  1. Start Apple Mail. This is located in your Applications folder. It also may be located in the dock at the bottom of your screen.

  2. Click on the Mail menu, located at the top of your screen. Then select "Preferences".

  3. The Preferences window will appear, as seen below. If it is not already in the 'Accounts' section, click on 'Accounts' in the toolbar. This is where you set up new Email accounts, and modify existing ones.
  4. Click the '+' button at the bottom of the left-hand pane to create a new account. This new account is now listed in the left-hand pane called 'New Account'.


  1. The 'Welcome to Mail' window will appear, enter your Full Name, complete Charter Email address, and your Email password.
    • Full Name - Enter your name or business name to your preference. This is the name that will appear to everyone in your Emails in the 'From' field.
    • Email Address - Enter your Email address here.
    • Password - Put the password for this mail account in this box.

welcome to mail

  1. Incoming Mail Server.
  • Account Type - Select 'IMAP' from the Account Type drop down menu. 
  • Description - You can put a description of the account here, like 'Business' or 'Charter Email', or your name if you prefer.
  • Incoming Mail Server - IMAP.charter.net
  • Username - Enter your full Email address as your username.
  • Password - Your password should automatically populate in this field. Note: When changing your Email password on Charter.net you must also change it in Apple Mail


  1. Click Continue.

Incoming mail server

  1. Outgoing Mail Server
    • Outgoing Mail Server - smtp.charter.net
    • Check the box that says 'Use only this server'
    • If checked, uncheck 'Use Authentication'

outgoing mail server

  1. Click Continue.

outgoing mail security

  1. Check the box next to 'Take account online' then click Create.

Account SUmmary

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