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Boxee WiFi Connection

Follow the Steps below to connect your Boxee Box to your Charter WiFi

  1. After you've plugged in the power and HDMI (or other audio/video) cables, switch the input on your TV to the appropriate setting and power on your Boxee Box. The initial Loading… "boot screen" will appear


  1. Boxee itself will load

Boxee loading

  1. Grab your Boxee remote. The Welcome screen will be displayed – use the remote to "click" the Start button

welcome screen

  1. The first thing your Boxee Box will do is search for a wireless network. Wait for Boxee to finish its scan

searching for network

  1. You'll be presented with the list of available wireless networks

available networks

  1. Use the remote to scroll down to your network name

scroll to network name

  1. If your network requires a password/key, you'll be prompted to enter it once you select your network. Flip that Boxee Box remote over and use the QWERTY keyboard to enter your password. Press the Enter button on your remote, or use the arrow to highlight the Confirm on-screen button and select it

network password

  1. Your Boxee Box will connect to your network


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