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Kodak Wireless Printer WiFi Connection

Follow the Steps below to connect your Kodak Wireless Printer to your Charter WiFi

Note: If you already set up your printer, you need to press Home, then press to select Network Settings, then WiFi Setup Wizard. Press OK after each selection

  1. Select Wireless, then press OK

choose wireless

  1. Select your Network Name, then press OK (If you don’t see your network in the list, select Rescan for Wireless Networks, then press OK)

select network

Note: Kodak wireless printers require the SSID (Network Name) to be broadcast by the router/gateway in order to connect. Ensure that the router/gateway is set to broadcast the SSID. If desired, you can change the SSID to Hidden after the Kodak printer is connected

  1. If your network requires a password, use the LCD keyboard to enter your WiFi password. The password is case-sensitive. On the control panel, press control panel to select the letters and numbers, using the correct uppercase and lowercase letters. Press OK after each character. When you are done, select DONE, then press OK.

enter security string  

  1. When the confirmation message appears, press OK

press OK

  1. When the printer is successfully connected, the Wi-Fi status light is on

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