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Motorola Xoom WiFi & Email Connection

Follow the Steps below to connect your Motorola Xoom Tablet to your Charter WiFi and your Charter.net Email account

Wireless Connection

To connect your Motorola Xoom to your Charter WiFi:

  1. From Home screen of Motorola XOOM tap Apps

Tap Apps

  1. In the apps list tap Settings


  1. Tap Wireless & networks

wireless & networks

  1. If necessary, tap Wi-Fi to turn on and view Wi-Fi network. When you check this Wi-Fi, it will start scanning and then list the available wireless networks below (You can also scan manually by tapping Menu then Scan)

turn on WiFi

  1. Choose the wireless network to which you want to connect from the list
  2. If you wireless network is security enabled, you may need to enter your WiFi password to access the wireless network
  3. When done tap Connect


  1. You should now be connected to your Charter WiFi

Charter Email

  1. From the home screen, Tap Apps
  2. Tap Settings
  3. Tap Accounts & Sync > Add account > Email
  4. Enter your full Charter Email address (ex: username@charter.net) and password
  5. Tap Manual setup
  6. Tap IMAP
  7. Enter your username (This is your complete Email address including the @charter.net)
  8. Enter your password
  9. Enter IMAP server - mobile.charter.net
  10. Enter Port - 993
  11. Change Security type to - SSL (always)
  12. No IMAP path prefix
  13. Tap Next
  14. Enter IMAP server - mobile.charter.net
  15. Enter Port - 587
  16. Change Security type to - SSL (always)
  17. Tap Next
  18. Customize your Email frequency
  19. Tap Next
  20. Enter a name for the account (optional)
  21. Enter your name. (This is the name will display on outgoing messages)
  22. Tap Done

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