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Dynex Blu-Ray WiFi Connection

Follow the Steps below to connect your Dynex Blu-Ray player to your Charter WiFi

  1. Press ENTER to open the Settings menu


  1. Press ^/v to select Network, then press ENTER to open the Wireless Settings options
  2. Highlight Network List and press ENTER to open show a list of available networks


  1. Press ^/v to highlight your network name then press ENTER

network name

  1. A Network Setup screen opens with the following options:
  • Connect – Connect to this network
  • Disconnect – Disconnect from this network
  • Delete – Delete the current network
  • WPS Pin – Create a random PIN number password
  1. Press ^/v to select Connect, then press ENTER

If your network does not require a password, you should see a checkmark and a connected message on the TV
If your network requires a password press ^/v to select the Password field, then press ENTER. An on-screen keyboard opens:

  • Press ^/v/</> to select the first letter in the password, then press ENTER. Repeat this step to enter the rest of the password. If you make a mistake, use the clear key to delete the character
  • After you enter the password, select the red Done in the upper left-hand corner of the keyboard, then press ENTER to close the keyboard
  • Press ^/v to select Connect and then press ENTER. A connection message appears.
Select Close, and then press ENTER.


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