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Windows Mobile 6 WiFi & Email Connection

Follow the Steps below to connect your Winidows Mobile 6 phone to your Charter WiFi and your Charter.net Email account

Wireless Connection

To connect your Windows Mobile 6 device to your wireless network:
If WiFi is not enabled follow these steps to enable it:

  1. Go to Start then Settings

start > settings

  1. Select Connections from the tabs across the bottom


  1. Select Comm Manager

Note: On some phones Comm Manager is in the Programs folder

comm manager

  1. Select the WiFi icon. When WiFi is activated, the icon turns green and the X mark disappears

wifi icon

Once WiFi is activated

  1. Go to Start then Settings

start > settings

  1. Select Connections from the tabs across the bottom


  1. Select Network Cards

network cards

  1. Locate your network name from the list of available networks. Select and hold it then select Connect

Note: If your network uses security you will be required to enter your security key (WiFi password)


  1. On the next screen, make sure The Internet is selected and click OK

the internet

  1. Wait a few seconds while your phone connects. Once complete the status will display Connected


Charter Email

To add a Charter.net Email account to your Windows Mobile 6 device:

  1. Access your Messaging menu.
  2. Select Setup Email
  3. Enter your Email address and password as you normally would

windows mobile enter email address

  1. Tap Next
  2. Make sure "Try to get Email settings automatically from the Internet" is selected

windows mobile get settings from Internet

  1. Tap Next
  2. You should see a message instructing you that settings for Charter.net were found

mobile settings found

  1. Tap Next
  2. When prompted, enter your name as you would like it to appear and a name for the Email account on your device

mobile email username

  1. By default, the "Your Email provider" field should be listed as Internet Email. If not, tap the drop down menu and make the change

windows mobile email provider

  1. In the Outgoing (SMTP) mail server: field, enter mobile.charter.net:587
  2. Verify that both the "Outgoing server requires authentication" and "Use the same user name and password for sending Email" settings are both checked

windows mobile SMTP server settings

  1. Tap Next
  2. Enter your full Email address and password, e.g., username@charter.net

windows mobile email address entry

  1. Tap Next
  2. In the Incoming mail server field, enter mobile.charter.net:993
  3. In the drop down field below, ensure that IMAP4 is listed as the account type

windows mobile incoming mail server

  1. Tap Next
  2. On the Advanced Server Settings page, ensure "Require SSL for Incoming Email and Require SSL for Outgoing Email" are both selected
  3. The Network Connection should be listed as The Internet

windows mobile SSL settings

  1. Tap Next
  2. If you entered all of the following settings correctly, the next screen will tell you that your setup is complete and ask you how often you want to send and receive your Email. The default time is Every 2 hours

windows mobile check email

  1. Tap Next
  2. Click Finish if you do not wish to change this setting

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