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My Services Tab

This tutorial will guide you through the My Account My Services Tab.
Use the menu links below to navigate through the document.

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My Services Tab Overview

The My Services tab allows you to view all your current Charter services, and a list of Installation and Change of Service Appointments

My Services Tab

My Services Summary

Includes appointments, contact email addresses, service and billing addresses and primary contact phone numbers. Also includes a link to view service details and more detailed account information.

Installation and Change of Service Appointments

Provides a summary of any upcoming appointments where Charter may be installing new services, changing or maintaining existing services.

Current Services

Lists both active services on your account as well as services that are available. Also includes a link to order additional or upgraded services.

Customer Contact Information

Lists your contact information:

  • Contact email address - the address Charter uses to contact you.
  • Service Address - the address where your Charter services are connected and your bill is sent.
  • Includes a link to change where your bill is sent.

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Service Details

Clicking Service Details on the My Services tab menu or on the Current Services box displays an overview of services you currently receive from Charter, as well as the Installation and Change of Service Appointments summary.

Service Details

You will find a list of your current services with monthly service charges and services that you have requested, but are pending installation along with the monthly charges for those services.

In this example, the DVR service is pending installation.

Your Monthly Service Total is displayed at the bottom of the list of services. Note: This total does not include taxes, installation or fees.

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Installation and Change of Service Appointment

From the My Services tab, you can view and change the details of your upcoming Installation and Change of Service Appointments.

Order Confirmation Number

The reference number for your appointment.

Appointment Arrival Window

Includes day and date, along with the time range of the appointment.

Appointment Details

Includes more information on the products being installed or changed.

Helpful Information

An adult of at least 18 years of age must be present during the appointment .

Collect on Delivery (COD) payment may be required at the time of installation: this includes cash, check, money order or acceptable credit cards.

If more information is required a link to chat with an agent is provided.

For each appointment, the links to Reschedule or Cancel the appointment are provided.

Reschedule an Appointment

Clicking Reschedule will take you to the Installation and/or Change of Service Appointments window.

reschedule appt

This window contains a calendar, which is used to select the new appointment date. Available dates will appear as links.

Clicking View More will display the next calendar month with more dates to select.

View More

You may select an available month, week or date on the calendar to view available appointment times.

Clicking one of these will display a drop-down menu containing available appointment times for that month, week or date.

drop-down menu

You can select an available time and click the CHANGE button. Clicking the NO CHANGE button will cancel the appointment change.

You will receive the message "Your Appointment Arrival Window has been successfully rescheduled. Please print and retain this information for future reference."

schedule message

Clicking print will open a printable version of your appointment that you may keep for your records.

Cancel an Appointment

If you would like to cancel your appointment, you may select Cancel from the My Appointment Confirmation window.

cancel appointment

You will be directed to contact customer service via chat or at 1-888-438-2427.

Be sure to have your account number and Order Confirmation Number available.

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Contact Information

From the My Services tab you can update your personal contact information including where your billing statements are sent (billing address) and your contact email address. If you are moving and need to update your service address, this section contains a link to Charter’s easy to use Moving Center.

contact information

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Change Billing Address

Your billing statement will be mailed to your service address every month unless Charter is otherwise notified. Your service address information is displayed on the My Services tab. If you wish to change your billing address, click the change bill to address link.

You will be directed to the Billing Address page under the My Bill tab where you can update your Billing Address.

change bill to address

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Change Contact Email Address

Your contact email address is displayed on the My Services tab and gives you the ability to update the contact email address by clicking the change link.

You will be directed to the Other Account Settings section under the My Profile tab where you can update your Contact Email Address.

change contact email address

Note: you do not need to update your Secret Question and Answer information when updating your contact email address.

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