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Charter Phone

This article answers some of the most commonly asked phone questions. Click on your topic(s) from the list (s) or choose one of the quick links for additional information. If you unable to find what you are looking for and need additional help please contact us.


Voicemail Setup

To set up your voicemail, you must be calling from your Charter home phone.

  • Dial your 7 or 10-digit Charter Phone number.
  • Voice instructions will guide you on how to create a new 4-digit PIN.
  • You will then be prompted to record your name and personal greeting.

Note: PIN Skip will be automatically turned on at this point, allowing you access to your voicemail from your home phone without having to enter your PIN.

Access Voicemail

Follow these instructions to access your mailbox after you have activated your voicemail system.

From Your Home Phone

There are 2 methods to access your Voicemail box

  1. Dial *99 (Star + 9 + 9). You will enter the Main Menu. (If PIN Skip is off, you must enter your PIN).
  2. Dial your 7 or 10-digit home telephone number. (If PIN Skip is off, you must enter your PIN).

From another phone:

  • Dial your 7 or 10-digit home phone number.
  • Press *5 when you hear the greeting.
  • Enter your 10-digit phone number + #.
  • Enter your PIN + #.
  • You will enter the Main Menu.

When you dial into your voicemail, you will reach the Main Menu and have the following options:

  • Press 1 to review messages.
  • Press 3 to work with your greetings.
  • Press 4 to change your mailbox settings.
  • Press 9 for interactive help.

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Ordering and Installation

Activating Phone Service

During the ordering process you will be asked to choose a scheduling window based on technician availability and whether you are bringing your phone number from another provider or choosing a new Charter phone number. Installation dates for phone may be available the next day, or we may need 7-10 days to gain access of your phone number from your current provider. Our customer service agents will assist you with scheduling the soonest available date as well as work to meet your scheduling needs.

Our professional installation includes activation of all existing working phone jacks or the installation and activation of one phone jack if there is not currently a working phone jack in your home. Additional wiring charges may apply if you request additional jacks to be installed or activated. Additional charges may apply for special construction charges. Charter also provides and installs in the home a phone modem, or Multimedia Terminal Adaptor (MTA), that is used to communicate with our private communications network. Basic-line-only customers may incur an additional lease fee.

New subscriptions to residential Basic Voice Service are available in Minnesota only.

Local & Long Distance Service

Charter Phone is both a local and long-distance phone provider. Our Unlimited Long-Distance Calling Plan includes unlimited local, local toll, and long-distance calling in the United States, Canada, Guam, US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico as well as the ability to make international calls at a low per-minute rate.

Current Service Provider

If you are bringing your phone number(s) to Charter from another provider do not call and cancel your phone service. In order for us to process a request to bring your number from another provider the phone number(s) must be currently working. Just call 1-888-438-2427 and we will let you know if we can bring your current number to Charter. If we can bring your number from the current provider we will take care of everything for you. We don't charge any switching fees. If you cancel your service prior to contacting us, you may not be able to keep your current number. Please note that you may be responsible to your old service provider for any contractual requirements and applicable charges.

If you are planning on getting a new phone number from Charter or we cannot bring your current number to Charter then you will need to contact your current provider and cancel your existing phone service.

If you have a long distance provider that is different than your local service provider and you plan on choosing Charter as your long distance carrier you will need to contact your long distance provider and cancel your long distance service. We cannot cancel your long distance services if it is different from your local service provider.

Keep Existing Phone Number

You should be able to keep your phone number at no additional charge if you are switching your service within the same location. However, when a customer moves to a new location, it's not always possible for that customer to keep the same number. To find out if you can keep your current number, please contact us.

Who Can Order

Any individual over 18 or business located in an area where Charter offers phone service can order phone service. You can order Charter Phone via:

Don't forget to let us know if you are a current subscriber for other Charter services. You may qualify for a discounted package that combines Charter Phone with our other services.

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Definition of TTY & TRS

TRS stands for Telecommunications Relay Service and TTY is the abbreviation for Text phone.

TTY allows people who are deaf, hard of hearing, or speech impaired to use the phone to communicate by letting them type messages back and forth to one another rather than talking and listening. TTY is required at both ends of the conversation in order to communicate. TRS, however, allows hearing-impaired and speech-impaired people to communicate via text phone with non-impaired phone users who do not have TTY. Each state has developed its own TRS program, so specific access numbers and contacts will vary. The nationwide standard access number is 711. Local phone service providers translate and route 711 calls to the TRS provider for that specific state.

Calling 911 with TTY

To avoid delays, dial 911 directly from the TTY. Do not dial TRS using 711. All E911 answering centers have TTYs. The customer's TTY should send audible tones that indicate to the 911 operators that a TTY must be used to answer the call.

Problems with TTY

This problem called garbling may be caused by call-waiting tones, loud background noise, low power on the TTY, inclement weather, cracked acoustic couplers, automated voice messages transmitted by the TTY, line static, improper TTY settings, and TTY shifting between letters and numbers.
To fix it, try typing AAA111 or hitting the space bar. This may clear the garbling. If you are using Turbo Code, change setting to Baudot. If using acoustic coupling, ensure that the handset is sitting securely in the acoustic cups. If this does not work, hang up and redial as a last resort. If garbling persists, please contact us.

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Equipment Information

In most areas, two pieces of equipment are used: a phone modem, or Multimedia Terminal Adaptor (MTA), and a Local Power Supply Unit (LPSU). An MTA is a box that connects the cable and the phone line inside your home. The LPSU provides the power needed for Charter Phone service. In some areas, a single MTA is used rather than both an LPSU and an MTA. Where this is the case, the MTA delivers the cable signal needed for Charter Phone service. The MTA may include a battery backup that keeps your service running if the power goes out. Learn more about battery backup at www.arrisistore.com.

A Multimedia Terminal Adaptor (MTA) is a phone modem that enables our network to communicate with the phone lines inside your home. The MTA is usually located in a basement, closet, or office inside your home.

MTA side MTA - back

Note: The MTA pictured above is just an example. The majority of Charter MTA's will look similar and will have 2 phone jacks on the rear panel labeled Tel 1/2 and Tel 2

In the event of a power outage, you will not have use of your Charter Phone Service nor will have the ability to make or receive calls, including 911 calls, unless you choose to purchase the battery back-up option.

If you have a medical alert system, security equipment, or the desire to have battery back-up during a power outage should be encouraged to upgrade to the battery back-up option.

Our battery backup is available for a onetime charge of $40.00 for the purchase of the battery.  If you have a need for battery backup please tell your sales advisor when you place your order.

Moving Charter Equipment

Charter Phone is not an Internet phone service. It is a fixed-wire line service, designed to be used in the home in which service is installed. The phone modem, or Multimedia Terminal Adaptor (MTA), that we install in your home is the property of Charter Communications. In the event that you relocate or disconnect Charter Phone service, you must return the MTA to a local Charter office, or arrange for it to be picked up by Charter. If the device is not returned, you may be subject to a one-time charge for the device. You assume the risk of loss, theft, or damage to the equipment at all times prior to the removal of the units by Charter or return of the units by you.

Purchasing Battery Backup

Please contact Charter at 1-888-438-2427 to inquire about battery backup for your phone modem.

Purchasing Equipment

Customers with touch-tone phones will not need to purchase new equipment to use Charter Phone service. The service works with your existing phone wires, phones, and wall jacks. Charter does install a phone modem, or Multimedia Terminal Adaptor, which is used to communicate with our network. Charter charges a lease fee associated with the MTA that is included as part of the package price. Basic-line-only customers may incur an additional lease fee.

New subscriptions to residential Basic Voice Service are available in Minnesota only.

Phone Jacks

Charter Phone is a "whole house" service that uses existing phone wiring; this means that all working jacks in the home can be used.

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Directory / Directory Assistance

Requesting Directory

Contact Yellowboo, our directory supplier, to have one mailed to you by:

Directory Assistance Services

You can dial 411 to access Directory Assistance Services through an automated system or live operator. A live operator will assist with any residential listing request and an automated system will assist with any business and government listing. If the automated system happens to fail, the call will transfer to the live operator.

Enhanced Directory Assistance Services

  • Movie Listings
  • Stock Quotes
  • Traffic
  • Weather

Enhanced Directory Assistance Services are only offered through a live operator. Follow the voice prompts to choose a residential listing in order to get to the live operator. Once connected to a live operator, request the enhanced service you are looking for.

Directory Assistance is a Pay-Per-Use service depending on requested service and your Charter Voice subscription. The standard residential rate for Directory Assistance (411) is $1.99 per call. There are no additional charges for enhanced services or call completion. Certain restrictions and exceptions may apply.

Note: Customers who do not have Charter as their long distance provider can access their own long distance carrier's directory assistance when they dial 1-NPA-555-1212 or 1-area code of number desired-555-1212. Charter's directory assistance service will only be accessed by dialing 411.

Redial Services

Redial Services lets you receive your last requested completed Directory Assistance listing, provided you call for Directory Assistance within 60 minutes of their previous request.

  • If you call within 60 minutes of your last Directory Assistance call you can automatically reconnect to your previous request. In the event the redial function is not available you will receive the standard directory assistance message.
  • Our redial service can not be provided if your call is 60 minutes after the last Directory Assistance call.
  • This service is for residential customers only. Charter Business customers do not have access to the Redial Service.
  • Standard Directory Assistance rates apply when the Redial Service is used.

Block 411

The ability to block Directory Assistance calls is not available at this time.

Phone Book Listing

Switching to Charter Phone service has no effect on your directory listing. You will continue to be listed in the phone directory for your area.

There are two kinds of privacy listings:

  • Listed: This is the default option for a directory listing that Charter provides at no charge. Your name is in the phone book and is available through Directory Assistance.
  • Private Number: Chose this option if you do not want to have your name published in the phone book and not listed with Directory Assistance. This provides the equivalent of being non-published; there may be a monthly recurring charge for this option, depending on your Voice Service subscription.

Please contact 1-888-438-2427 for additional assistance.

Requesting Additional White Pages

You can request up to 99 White Pages directories.

Requesting Updated White Pages

You will need to make a request each year if you desire delivery of the updated White Pages directory.

Tracking Order Status

Your request is being sent to a third party vendor contracted by AT&T, which will mail the directory to your home address.

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Charter Phone

Charter has upgraded and hardened our network in preparation for launching phone service. As a result of this work, our network now has increased redundancy and availability. To guarantee the quality of our phone service, we also monitor service delivery all the way to your household. That means that your services will be even more reliable than before. In addition, though we cannot prevent any service issues resulting from cable cuts or vandalism in your neighborhood, we can now react much more quickly to restore your service as soon as possible.

Quality And Clarity

Charter Phone has quality and clarity that are every bit as good as those of traditional phone service. Many customers have told us that it sounds better, since they are receiving a digital signal all the way to their home.

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211 Social Service Connection

Dialing 211 provides you with information about referrals to human services for everyday needs and in times of crisis. Services offered through 211 vary by community but may include basic human needs resources; physical and mental health resources; employment support; support for older Americans and persons with disabilities; support for children, youth, and families; volunteer opportunities; and donations. Charter provides access to 211 where such service is available, but does not manage or sponsor this service.

911 Information Transmitted

To help emergency personnel quickly respond to your emergency, Charter provides enhanced 911 services, much like traditional phone companies. Should you ever need to access emergency services—fire, police, or ambulance—just dial the familiar digits 911. Your call will be routed directly to the nearest public safety operator, and your address will be automatically provided, allowing the operator to dispatch help even if you can't speak. If you plan to move, need to change your service address, or your service address is not populating when you dial emergency services, please call Charter Customer Care at 1-888-438-2427 so that we can properly move your service to ensure that 911 calls are properly routed. Do not move the phone modem (Multimedia Terminal Adaptor) installed in your home to another location.

Charter vs Traditional Phone

Just like traditional wire line services, Charter Phone works through regular phone jacks and phones, and provides access to 911 emergency services and directory listings. The difference between Charter Phone and the phone companies' traditional wire line service is that Charter takes advantage of the latest technology, which allows us to deliver crystal-clear calls and advanced calling features. Cable phone service uses Internet protocol for transporting calls over our own private network.


Charter Phone service will work with DSL. However, you may need to maintain an active phone number with your DSL provider in addition to your Charter Phone number. Charter offers High-Speed Internet service that is often faster and more reliable than DSL, and does not require maintaining a second phone number.

Please check with your DSL provider to determine if maintaining phone service with them is required.


Number Of Phone Lines

Charter will install up to two separate phone lines and a distinctive ring for residential customers.  If you need more than two separate phone lines please contact Charter Business at 1-888-692-8635.

Number Of Phones

There is no limit. Charter Phone is a "whole house" service that uses existing phone wiring, so all jacks in the home can be used.

Power Outages

Charter Phone uses the electrical power in your home, so if there is an outage, 911 calling may be interrupted. Ask us about installing a backup battery for up to eight hours of stand-by and five hours of talk time. Please contact Customer Care at 1-888-438-2427 for additional information.

Security Systems

Charter Phone will work with most monitored home security systems. However, if you have a home security service, we recommend that you test the proper operation and communication of the alarm system after your Charter Phone installation. Learn about our recognition by ADT by clicking here.

Life Alert Systems

Life Alert Emergency Response is a third party personal emergency response and home medical alert system specifically designed to protect users in a medical emergency that occurs at home.  Charter Phone works with most Life Alert Systems.  If you have a medical alert system and are concerned with losing phone dialing capabilities due to a power outage we encourage you to upgrade to the battery back-up option. Refer to Equipment Information for pricing and ordering options.

Using the Phone with the Charter Bundle

All services can be used simultaneously.


Charter offers a primary line phone service that is comparable to traditional phone service. Charter Phone uses Internet protocol for transporting calls over our own private network, so your calls never touch the public Internet. Charter Phone can be installed via any in-home phone jack, and the service does not require an Internet connection. This distinction is important because services offered by many VoIP providers do require high-speed Internet connections in the home. Moreover, most of these types of VoIP providers are able to provide only a "best effort" service-level agreement, whereas Charter gives customers a Quality of Service guarantee.

Wire Maintenance Plan

We offer a wire maintenance repair program that may help you avoid costly repair charges inside your home. For a low monthly fee, we can provide repair service for your jacks and inside wiring. (The wiring must meet certified technical standards.) For more information about our Wire Maintenance Plan, please see our Wire Maintenance Overview. To order our Wire Maintenance Plan, please contact us. Charter maintains outside phone lines as a part of your basic monthly service. Outside lines will be repaired at no cost to you unless the repair is due to a customer-caused incident. The final cost is at the discretion of the technician performing the repairs.

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General Information

Calls From Correctional Facilities

Customers who want to receive collect calls from correctional facilities in  Missouri, Texas, and Wisconsin where the facility's provider is not AT&T or anywhere else in the U.S., must establish a third party billing account with that correctional facility. To set up a third party billing account, you must contact the facility.

See the Chart below for more information.




The correctional facility is located in Missouri, Texas, or Wisconsin…

…the facility's local service is provided by AT&T…

…Charter Phone Service customers are not be able to receive a collect call from the facility.

The correctional facility is located outside of Missouri, Texas, or Wisconsin…

…the facility's local service is provided by AT&T…

…Charter Phone Service customers may be able to receive a collect call from the facility*.

The correctional facility is located anywhere in the U.S….

…the facility's local service is not provided by AT&T…

…Charter Phone Service customers may be able to receive a collect call from the facility*.

Collect Calls

Collect call guidelines vary from state to state, however calls made by dialing "0" are not accepted by Charter phone. In order to use Collect calling customers must set up a third party billing service. Please contact us for additional information.

Filing Complaints

Complaints can be filed with the agency in your state that regulates telecommunications service providers. Please contact your state agency or National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners to find contact information for your state's regulator and instructions for how to file a complaint.

Do Not Call Registry

Consumers register their phone numbers with the National Do Not Call Registry by visiting https://www.donotcall.gov/ or calling 1-888-382-1222 (for TTY call 1-866-290-4236). They must call from the phone number they want to register.  Charter customers on the National or one of the state Do Not Call Registers are not automatically placed on Charter's Do Not Call list, but can request to do so.

Phone Repair Number

For help with troubleshooting and information on repairs, you may dial 611 from your home phone, or contact us at 1-888-438-2427. Enter your 10-digit phone number. You will be prompted to speak your selection regarding the type of service you wish to receive. You may speak the phrase ‘List Options' or ‘Repair' and follow the remaining prompts for your specific repair issue.

However, keep in mind that you may be able to resolve the problem by checking several things yourself before entering a repair request. By taking an extra step and following the information below, you could avoid possible service charges.

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