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Charter Email

Charter email addresses are included with Charter Internet service for no additional charge. As soon as your Charter Internet service is active you have access to create up to 10 Charter.net Email addresses. The information below will assist you in creating, logging in and using Charter Email.

Email Addresses

Create / Manage

You have two options in creating your Charter.net Emails:

  1. You can create them yourself through your Online My Account - click here to learn how to set up your own emails.
  2. You can contact us and a customer service agent will assist you in setting up your emails.

If you do not have a My Account click here to establish one. All you need to get started is your account number and your security code both is located on the top page of your statement.

Once you have established your email address you can manage them through Online Tools.

Online Tools

Online Tools is a central location where Head of Household email address users can modify settings for:

  • Email Addresses
  • Email Parental Controls
  • Parental Controls for Charters online products
  • Web Space
  • Charter Security Suite™

Child email addresses are limited to changing password information. These accounts cannot add/remove/modify other Email Addresses, Parental Controls, Web Space, or Charter Security Suite™.

Head of Household

You can change the Head of Household account by selecting the appropriate radio button. You will then see a message asking you if you are sure you want to change the Head of Household to another email and alerting you that you will not be able to switch it back to the original account.

head of household


You can change the password for any email address by:

  • Clicking on the Change link corresponding to the appropriate email address.
  • Type in your new password in the text field
  • Confirm the new password by typing it again.
  • Click the Save button

Note: Your new password must be a minimum of 8 characters and is case sensitive. See below for additional information on Password and Username requirements. Use the Password Strength meter on the right to determine the strength of your new password.


Password and Username Requirements

Passwords must have:

  • Minimum length of eight (8) characters.
  • Maximum length of twenty (20) characters.
  • Alphanumeric characters (a–z & 0-9).
  • At least 1 UPPER case alphabetic character.
  • At least 1 lower case alphabetic character.
  • At least 1 numeric character.
  • Your password cannot match any of your previous 3 passwords.

The following symbols are allowed in a password:

  • @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ + | ~ - = ` { } [ ] : ; < ? , . /

Symbols not allowed include:

  • \ (back slash)
  • (quotes)

NOTE: The password CANNOT match the username or the phrases: 'password', 'changeme', 'charter', '123', 'abc', 'zxy' or 'default'

Usernames must have:

  • Minimum length of six (6) characters.
  • Maximum length of forty (40) characters.
  • Alphanumeric characters (a-z & 0-9).
  • Customers may enter Uppercase characters, but they must be transformed (a.k.a. normalized) to all lower case.
  • Only the following symbols are allowed in a username:
  • . (dot)
  • - (dash)
  • _ (underscore)
  • All other symbols are not allowed.
  • Must not begin with any symbols.
  • Must not end with any symbols.
  • Must not include consecutive symbols

Delete Email Addresses

To delete an email address from your account,

  1. Click on the gray X button that corresponds with the email address you'd like to remove.
  2. Click the Delete button to continue

delete address

You will see an alert message letting you know that once you delete an email address from your account it will permanently remove all contacts, folders and mail items for that address.

Note: When you delete an email address, it is physically removed. All email currently associated with that account is deleted

Parental Controls

To delete an email address from your account,

  1. Click on the gray X button that corresponds with the email address you'd like to remove.
  2. Click the Delete button to continue

parental controls

You will see an alert message letting you know that once you delete an email address from your account it will permanently remove all contacts, folders and mail items for that address.

Note: When you delete an email address, it is physically removed. All email currently associated with that account is deleted

Email Parental Controls

  • Click the 'Email' link on the Parental Controls tab.
  • Click the small box to the right of the email address (es) for those you wish to enable parental controls.
  • Allowed Senders and Domains:
    • Enter the allowed email addresses and domains that can send messages to the enabled email address (es). Limit one email address or domain per line.

email parental controls

Blocked Senders and Domains

Enter the email addresses and domains that you wish to block for the enabled email addresses. Limit one email address or domain per line.

blocked list

Blocked Mail Actions

  • Choose what you would like to happen to the blocked mail
    • Delete the mail from any blocked sender or domain
    • Forward all messages from blocked senders and domains to the Head of Household email address.

blocked actions

Other Mail

This option allows you to determine what action you would like to take for all other mail (those senders or domains neither on the allowed nor blocked list) delivered to the enabled email address (es).

other mail

When you have completed making any changes to the parental controls feature, click the Save Changes button to save and enable all settings.

Charter.net Parental Controls

Click on the 'Charter.net' link on the Parental Controls tab

Click on the small box next to the email addresses that you would like to give permission to purchase products or access services on charter.net

charter.net parental controls

Any item with a check mark confirms that product or service is available for that email address. Any product without a check would be unavailable for that email address.

Clicking on the email address will allow for even more control over what aspects of a charter.net product are available.

Any element that has a check mark will be available to that email address when logged into www.charter.net.

Any element without a check mark is not available to that email address while that email address is logged in.

Web Space Parental Controls

Creating your own Web space allows you to:

  • Upload photos
  • Create your own blog
  • Post a resume.

To create your own Web Space:

  1. Type in your desired username and password in the text fields. Your username will be used in the URL for your personal Web Space (i.e.: www.webpages.charter.net/username).
  2. Click Create Web Space to continue.

web space parental controls

You will see your username as it appears in your personal Web Space URL.

  1. Click on the Add Web Space button to continue.


For more detailed information on how to upload files to your Web Space and suggested applications to use, click here.

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Basic Navigation

Drag and Drop

Charter Email allows Messages or Contacts to be relocated from inbox to folder, and group to group. To 'drag and drop' a message or move it from one folder to another, please follow the steps below:

  1. Put your mouse cursor over the message that you would like to move
  2. Press and hold the left mouse button down
  3. While the button is depressed, move your mouse to the location (folder) that it will be moved to
  4. Let go of the mouse button. The message has been moved into that folder

Moving Contacts from one Group to another is accomplished in the same manner. By pressing the left mouse button without releasing it and moving the cursor to the new location and releasing the left mouse button moves a Contact from one Group to another.

Selecting Multiple Items

You have several ways to move or delete multiple messages at one time. Left click on a message causes the entire line to turn blue and become highlighted.

Once a message is highlighted, you can hold the shift key down and left-click on the last email you would like to select to highlight all the emails in between.

Or, you can hold the control key down and click on each individual email you would like to select to highlight any non-linear number of emails.

select multiple items

Using the up or down arrow keys while holding down the shift key also works, highlighting one Message/Contact at a time.

  1. Left-click the top or bottom Message in the series you want to move
  2. Press and hold down either the Shift or Control key.
  3. While holding down the Shift or Control key, press either the up or down arrow key (depending on which direction the highlighted Messages need to be). This will highlight the next Message in the series.
  4. Once you have selected all the emails or Contacts you want, release the shift key. The series of highlighted Messages will remain highlighted.
  5. Move your mouse cursor over any part of the highlighted area
  6. Press and hold the left mouse button down without releasing it.

You can then drag and drop the entire selection to whatever location you wish, or you can push the Delete key and delete all the Messages highlighted at once.

You can also click in the boxes next to the messages you want to move or delete. To delete click all the messages you want to send to your trash and click the trash can. To move your messages click in the box next to the messages you want to move to a folder, once you have them selected, left click one of the 'checked' items and drag to your folder. All the check messages will move to that folder.

Using 'shift' and 'control'

Charter Email allows the use of the Shift and Control keys to help in selecting multiple Messages or Contacts.

The Shift key is used to highlight a sequential amount of entries at once.

The Control key is used to highlight individual items, allowing for gaps in the series of items highlighted.

To use the Shift or Control keys, you press and hold either button down while using the selection tool (left-click, up arrow key, down arrow key) of your choice. You continue to hold either the Shift or Control key down until you are done selecting all of the items desired.


Charter Email allows the use of the right mouse button to provide you with additional options in managing your Charter Email account. Pressing and releasing the right mouse button is called a right-click.

You bring up the choices for the section your cursor is over by right-clicking on the Message or Contact.

As an example, to create new folders or groups, you would right-click on the folder or group header and select 'New Folder' or 'New Group'.
There are several areas in Charter Email which provide additional navigational options, including the Contacts window, the Folder Management window, and the Inbox.

Please see the below screenshots for what is contained in each right-click menu.

Contacts window
contacts window

Folder Management window

folder management


To select an item from the menu, after you have right-clicked the menu will remain in place, allowing you to then move your mouse cursor to the item you wish to use. The item will become highlighted as the mouse moves over it. To use the selected item, click on the highlighted selection.

Please consult the rest of the article for more information on any specific right-click menu item.

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Clicking the CONTACTS button will display a menu with the following options:

  • View existing entries
  • Create a new contact
  • Create a new group


Creating a New Contact

To create a new contact click CONTACTS from the top header and then click + New Contact located at the top left of your contact list



The following screen will appear. Enter information into each of the desired fields and click the Save button at the bottom right-hand when you are finished.


After you have saved the information, the contacts name will appear under the contacts column.

If you hover over a Contact name, envelope and arrowhead icons appear to the right of the contacts name:


Clicking the envelope icon will open a new message addressed to that contact. Clicking the arrowhead icon will open a drop down menu with Compose an Email, Edit details and View details options. These will let you compose an email to that particular contact, or allow you to edit or view that contact entry.


Creating a New Group

To create a new group:

  1. Click CONTACTS from the top header and then select New Group

New Group

  1. Enter the group name.
  • You can then add contacts to the group by selecting an existing contact from your list and dragging and dropping that contact into the white space.
  • Or you can begin typing the name of the contact you wish to add and a list will appear with a list of contacts that contain those letters or numbers.
  1. Click on the name of the contact and it will be added to the group.


Select CONTACTS from the top header and select the group icon group icon located at the bottom left of your contacts then follow the same instructions listed above


Edit the contact

Choosing Edit the contact allows you to tab through the fields to change information. Click SAVE to keep your changes or CANCEL to restore the information prior to clicking Edit.

edit contact

edit contact

Delete the Contact

Choosing Delete Contact will present you with the option to make sure you want to delete your contact as well as the option to opt out of the warning message in the future.


Importing Contacts

To import Contacts from another email account:

Click the Import Contacts Import icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the Contacts section

import contacts

You will have the option to import either CSV or LDIF address books.

select CSV or LDIF

Exporting Contacts

To export your Contacts to another email address:

  1. Create a 'New' email message
  2. Enter the email address that will receive the vCard attached email in the 'To:' line.
  3. Add a subject line such as 'MyContacts'.
  4. Go to your Contacts and begin by selecting the first contact.
  5. While holding down the Shift key, select the last Contact (up to 20 contacts at a time) by either clicking the last contact or by using the down arrow.
  6. Drag the highlighted list of Contacts and drop the list in the body of the new email.
  7. The Contacts will then appear as attachments to the email (converted to the vCard format which allows for the importing of Contacts as a .csv file).
  8. When done, click 'Send'.
  9. The receiver of the email can then either choose an attachment and 'Add to Contacts' or download the vCard attachment to a location on their computer.

download file

Note: When exporting contacts in this manner it may be necessary to move the windows around.

Contact Search

To search for a contact, type in the name of the contact you are searching for in the search field.

Search For Contacts

Editing Contact Entries

You can edit a contact's information by clicking the small arrow that appears when you move your mouse over the name of the contact your wish to edit. A dropdown list will appear with three options:

  1. Compose an Email
  2. Edit details
  3. View details

Edit Contact

Choose the Edit details option. The entry fields will appear – change the information as needed then click Save

Edit Details

Deleting Contact Entries

To delete contacts:

  1. Right-click the name of the contact you wish to delete
  2. Select Delete contact(s) from the dropdown menu.
  3. Verify that you are sure you want to delete the selected contact.
  4. Click Delete to remove the contact from your contact list.

Delete Contact

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General Information

Log in to Charter Email

To access your Charter Email

  1. Go to www.charter.net
  2. Click on Email
  3. Enter your full Charter Email address in the Email Address field (ex:joe@charter.net).
  4. Enter your Password. Passwords are case sensitive. If you are having an issue logging into Charter Email and your password does not include capital letters, check to make sure Caps Lock key is not on.
  5. Enter your Service Address Zip Code
  6. Click Login.

log in

Your inbox will appear after successfully logging in.


Forgot Email Address/Password

If you have forgotten your Charter.net Email Address and or Password you can retrieve your Email Addresses and reset your Email passwords through your My Account or by contacting us.

To retrieve your Charter.net Email Address through your My Account:

  1. Click here to Login to My Account
  2. Click Online Tools
    • Your Usernames/Email addresses will be listed under the 'Email Address' Tab

email usernames

  1. Click 'Change' across from the email address for which you need to reset the password
  2. Type New Password
  3. Retype New Password
  4. Click Save

Helpful tips for creating a password:

  • Make your password between 8-20 characters in length.
  • Your password MUST include at least 1 UPPERCASE alphabetic character, 1 lowercase alphabetic character, and 1 numeric character.
  • Your password cannot match any of your previous 3 passwords.
  • Use a password that is easy for you to remember but difficult for others to guess.

click save

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Can't Send/Receive Email while Traveling

If you are using an Email program (Outlook, Windows Mail, Apple Mail, etc…) and are unable to send or receive Email while you are not connected to your Charter internet, please ensure that your Email program is configured with Charter’s Mobile Email Settings.

Username: username@charter.net  
Note: Make sure you enter @charter.net after your username or you will be unable to login

Password: The password you use to login to your Email account
SSL: This setting should be On for both SMTP and IMAP.
Protocol: IMAP
Incoming Email Server: mobile.charter.net
Port: 993
Outgoing Email Server: mobile.charter.net
Port: 587
If applicable: a login will be required when sending and receiving mail.

Alternately you can always send and receive Email anywhere by logging in at Charter.net

Click here to access your Email on Charter.net

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Email Capacity

Percentage of usage is displayed in Online Tools. If you experience issues with sending and receiving email check your percentage. If you are over 90% you will need to delete some of your messages to make room for new items.

onlione tools

Limits to the size and number of recipients on email

The maximum size, including attachments, for an individual email message sent from a Charter.net domain account is 10MB. To prohibit spamming abuse, we will not disclose the maximum number of recipients for an email message.

Unrecognized Email addresses

There is no catchall email account. Email that is not addressed to an existing valid email account (e.g., email addressed to Michael@example.com instead of mike@example.com) is returned to the sender as undeliverable. The sender must specify a valid email account before mail can be delivered.

Receiving email not addressed to you

If you receive and email that was not addressed to you it is because your email address was not actually entered in the 'To:' field. Instead, it was put in the 'BCC:' field. This is a common trick used by spammers to get email readers to look at their spam.

BCC stands for 'Blind Carbon Copy.' If the sender puts your email address in the 'BCC:' field, you will receive a copy of the email, but your email address will not show up anywhere in the email header. The email header is the first part of an email message that contains the controlling data, such as the subject, origin, destination, and priority. As the message travels over the Internet to its destination, information about the path it took will be appended to the header.

By using the 'BCC:' field, spammers ensure that none of the actual recipients' addresses can be seen. It is likely that hundreds of people received the same spam message you did.

Spammers have very devious and creative ways of distributing their unsolicited email. Using the 'BCC:' field is a way to deflect complaints about their spam. They use this trick to make it look like you have inadvertently received someone else's email due to some glitch caused by your Internet service provider.

Country Availability

Charter.net email is available from any country. Online Tools is accessible in the United States only.

Automatic Logout

As long as you are active in your Email you will not be automatically logged out.

After 50 minutes of inactivity, you will be automatically logged and be required to log back in.

Create 'Email' Shortcut

To create an Email Shortcut on your desktop:

  1. Go to charter.net


  1. Right click on inside the gray area next to 'Email'

right-click on email

  1. Click 'Copy Shortcut'

Check your desktop - you should have an email shortcut.

Disconnect Service

If you disconnect your internet service your Email address (es) will also be disconnected. All messages associated with the Email address (es) are also deleted and not retrievable


Any Emails in your Inbox or in your folders other than the trash folder will be retained until you delete them. However if you mailbox becomes full you may not be able to send or receive emails and may need to delete mail.

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Compose Mail                            

To write an email, click the New button. You can also create a new email by clicking on the arrow beneath the Email button.

A drop-down menu will appear – click New Message.

compose mail

When finished composing the email, click the Send button to deliver the message to the assigned email address.


Email Header

Email messages consist of two major sections:

  • Header: Contains the message summary, sender, receiver, and other information about the email
  • Body: The message itself, sometimes containing a signature block at the end

Messages usually have at least four headers, as follows:

  • From: Contains the email address and, optionally, the name of the sender of the message
  • To: Contains the email address and, optionally, the name of the receiver of the message
  • Subject: Contains a brief summary of the contents of the message
  • Date: Contains the local time and date when the message was originally sent

Complaints cannot be processed unless you send us a sample that includes full Internet headers.

Note: The 'To' address in the message is not necessarily related to the addresses to which the email is delivered. The actual delivery list is supplied in the SMTP protocol, not extracted from the header content. The 'To' header is similar to the greeting at the top of a conventional letter, which is delivered according to the address on the outer envelope.

Also note that the 'From' address does not have to be the real sender of the email. It is very easy to fake the 'From' line and make the email appear to be from any email address.

Other common headers include the following:

  • CC: Carbon copy allows additional addresses to be added
  • Received: Tracking information generated by email servers that have handled a message
  • Content-Type: Information about how the message is displayed

Viewing the full header of an email

Follow these steps to view the full Internet header of an email

  • Charter Web Mail
    • From the email message, click the Details button
    • Click View Entire Message
  • Microsoft Outlook
    • Click on the folder that contains the email message
    • Right-click the email message and select Options
    • The header is located in a box at the bottom of the window
  • Outlook Express
    • Right-click on the message and then select Properties
    • At the top of the new window, select the Details tab
    • The header is located in a box at the bottom of the window

Additional Compose Options

The New Message window has several options

The To Field:

When you send an email you have three places in which to place a recipient's address:

  • Drag a contact or multiple contacts into the To field as you compose your email message.
  • Start typing in the To field and a list of entries from your Contacts will appear.
  • Use the To field to place the address of the primary person (s) or audience of your message.
  • Click on the Show Cc/Bcc button to open up the other two address fields
  • Cc is short for 'carbon copy'. When you place a recipients address in the carbon copy field both the recipients in the To field and Cc fields can see the message and as well as all the recipients and addresses that receive the message.
  • Bcc stands for 'blind carbon copy'. Addresses in the Bcc field are not viewable to recipients in the To or Cc fields.
  • To place an address in the Cc or Bcc address type the recipients address or drag a contact address into the field.
  • To close the Cc and Bcc address fields click on the Hide Cc/Bcc button. 

Save as Draft button:

  • Clicking this will save your message so you can continue composing it at a later time. It will automatically create you a draft folder. To access it click your draft folder, click the Email you wish to complete

Spell Check button:

  • Use this button to check the body of your new message for spelling errors/

Attach button:

  • Use this to add attachments, such as files, pictures, movies, links, etc.

Plain Text button:

  • Clicking the Plain Text button will change the body of the message to plain text – this eliminates any style, color or size changes you may have made to the text.

The Format Menu:

  • If you wish to change the font, size, style (bold, underline, italic) or color of your message, you can use the format menu.
  • Add Link - If you wish to include a link in your email click the chain image (see image below), copy and paste the URL address, type a description, choose your target and click set. When your recipient clicks on the link they will be directed to whichever link or website you've chosen for that link.
  • B-Bold - Clicking the "B" while composing your Email will make every bold until you unclick it. You can also use this after you have typed your message by highlighted the text and then clicking the "B".
  •  I- Italicize - Clicking on the italicized I creates italicized text in your Email. Click where you want the italicized text to begin and unclick it where you want to end. You can also use this after you have typed your message by highlighted the text and then clicking the "I"
  • U-Underline - Clicking on the underline U creates underlined text in your Email. Click where you want the underline to begin and unclick it where you want to end. You can also use this after you have typed your message by highlighted the text and then clicking the "U"
  • Font Style - To Change your Font style
    • Open the dropdown next to Font
    • Choose your style - You have 4 options:
      • Times New Roman
      • Arial
      • Comic Sans
      • MS Courier New


Forwarding a message

When forwarding a message the original message is automatically forwarded.

Save in Sent/Request Return Receipt

You can choose by individual email if you want to save a copy in your sent file and/or request a return receipt by clicking in the box next to your request.

Save in Sent will place a copy of the email you are sending in your "Sent Mail" folder.

Request Return Receipt will send you an email when the person you sent the email to opens your email, this doesn't identify if the email was read only opened.

save in sent/return request

Insert Signature

Insert Signature allows you to choose which signature you want to place in a particular email. Signatures are added/removed/edited and a default signature can be selected through the preferences tab

Note: If you have not set up your signatures correctly on the preferences tab this will not work correctly either.


Checking Mail

Clicking the Check Mail button will refresh the current folder and get new email if there is any.

checking mail

Manage Messages

Clicking the Inbox, Drafts, Sent Mail, Junk Mail or Trash link will display the items in those folders.

Mange messages

Sorting Messages

You can sort your messages in your folders, including your inbox by clicking on the flag, 'From', 'Subject', 'Date' or 'Size'.

  • Sort by Flag - If you have flagged your messages for follow up or any other reason and wish to quickly find your follow up items you can click on the flag and all your emails with a flag will be brought to the top.
  • Sort by From - Clicking From once will group your messages together in alphabetically order based on the senders address. Clicking From again will group them in reverse alphabetically order.
  • Sort by Subject - Clicking Subject once will place your email by subject in alphabetical order, clicking twice will arrange them in reverse alphabetical order
  • Sort by Date - Clicking Date once will arrange your emails by most recent date, clicking twice will arrange by oldest first.
  • Sort by Size - Clicking Size once will display your emails from largest to smallest, clicking twice will arrange from smallest to largest



You can search your emails by clicking on the plus in the upper left hand field above your Inbox


You can search all your email folders or just your inbox by clicking in the radio button next to the option

You can search by:

  • Subject
  • To/CC-Who you sent the message to
  • From-where the email came from
  • Message -content
  • All of the above by clicking in the box next to your choice.

You can also choose to search all your folders by clicking Mailbox or a single folder by selecting folder and then highlighted the folder below

search options

When you are finished searching click on the 'x' and remove your search criteria, click either your inbox or one of your folders, the search is reset.

Removing Messages

To remove messages from the Inbox, ensure that the email is highlighted by clicking on it once and then click the Delete button (this will send the email to your Trash folder). You can also delete a message by right-clicking on it and choosing the delete message option from the drop-down menu.

Note: To delete multiple messages at once check the boxes next to each message you would like to remove before clicking the Delete button.

Deleting Trash

To permanently delete the items in your trash folder, click your Trash folder. Then click on the trash can with the orange circle through it.

delete trash

You will receive a message asking if you are sure you want to delete.

delete message

Note: Once you permanently delete a message you cannot retrieve it.

Import Email Messages

To import emails from your old email provider:

  1. Click on 'Preferences'
  2. Click 'Add Account' down in the lower left hand corner. Clicking the Add Account button under Preferences allows for the setup of connecting to and receiving emails from an external account, such as Yahoo! Email or others.
    • The settings for Adding Accounts must be obtained from the external email address provider.


  1. Type in the email address and password of the account you would like to add.
    • The Email address and the password have to be identical as to what you are using at the other provider.
    • Our system will default to auto setup; you can uncheck the box and manually set it up. If the set up fails you will receive an error message. Select what type of account it is by choosing the appropriate radio button.
  2. Click the continue button.

add account

  1. Enter your mail settings in the fields. The incoming server name can be found by contacting your external email provider. Click continue to complete setup.

complete fields

If the external account has IMAP access, you may be able to transfer items from that account to Charter Email through drag and drop functionality. You can check with the third party email provider to see if this is possible.

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Mailbox Folders


Double clicking on a new message will open the message in a screen that overlaps your inbox.

You can also click on a message once to display it immediately in the viewing pane.


Once a message is open, you have options to:

  • Reply – send a message back to the sender
  • Reply All – send a message back to the sender and to all of the recipients of the email
  • Forward – send the message exactly as it appears to another contact
  • Print – print the message
  • Report as Junk – sends Charter feedback of unwanted mail and deletes the email
  • Delete – moves the message to your trash folder

Clicking on the Options button located in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen will open a menu with the following actions:

  • View source – this will allow you to view the source from which the email was sent
  • Open in browser – choosing this feature will open the message in your browsers window
  • Mark Unread – you can mark an email as unread even if you have already opened and read the message. Marking an email as unread will make it look like a new message the next time you check your inbox.
  • Create filter – this feature allows you to filter certain messages to the folders you determine
  • Add sender to block list – adding a sender to the block list means messages sent by that sender will not be received in your inbox.


You also have the ability to right-click on an email in your inbox to get more message options.


You can manage your folders by right-clicking on any of the existing folders

A menu will appear with the following choices:

  • Create a new folder
  • Delete folder
  • Rename Folder

Creating a New Folder

After right-clicking in the empty area underneath the existing folders, select the New Folder button. The default name for new folders is 'Untitled'. You may rename the folder at this time.

create new folder

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Customizable Options

General Email Preferences

To view and/or edit your customized email preferences.


Click on the Preferences to diplay the preferences window.

  • Reply Quoting - If you choose to turn on the reply quoting feature, the text of the original message will be 'quoted' in all your response. Check the box to activate this option.
  • Save Outgoing Messages - Check the box to ensure that a copy of any message you send will be saved in the Sent folder. By selecting this option you will save a copy of all sent email. If you wish to be selective as to which Emails you keep in your Sent Folder you can choose to select "Save In Sent Folder" in the Email itself.
  • HTML Privacy Protection - Images from external sources are sometimes potentially harmful to your computer. Check this box to protect your network and block images from external sources.
    • Once checked, you will be prompted to Show Images on all emails
    • The highlighted email will automatically display images in the preview pane unless the HTML Privacy Protection box is checked.
  • Automatic Spell Check - The automatic spell check feature will check the spelling of your message and alert you if there are any necessary changes before you send it
  • Deleting Messages Preference - Click the desired radio button to determine what happens to your messages after you delete them. Select Move to the trash folder or Delete immediately (you will not be able to access these emails after they are deleted if you select this option).
    • The messages in the Trash folder are permanently deleted automatically after 24 hours and cannot be retrieved. Extending the time messages are stored in the trash folder is not an option.
  • Requesting Return Receipt - Requesting a return receipt will ensure that you are sent a receipt when the message is opened by the recipient. Click SAVE after you have completed making changes or REVERT to cancel changes.
  • Receiving Return Receipt - Select the desired option from the drop-down menu regarding what action you would like taken with the return receipt. Click SAVE or Revert to cancel your changes.
  • Default Text Editor - Choose how you would like the text editor to be displayed.
    • Rich Text (HTML) – this option allows you to change the font, size, style and color of the text.
    • Plain Text - this option converts any rich text to plain text, meaning that the text is all the same font, size, color and style throughout.


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Removing Advertisements

You have the option to block the display of ads on Charter.net. The About Our Ads button at the bottom of the screen provides you with this option.

About Out Ads

This takes you to a new screen where a click of the Off and then the Save button blocks ads each time you are logged in on Charter.net.

Removing the advertisements:

  • Removes them from your charter. net email leaving a white space that is not resizable at this time
  • Removes some of the ads when you are logged in at Charter.net

no ads inbox

Click here to find out more about our Ads on Charter.net.

Personal Account Settings

Account Settings has multiple options for you to customize for a more personal Charter Email experience. Click the Preferences link and then click your charter.net email address to customize:

  • Account Settings
  • Signatures
  • Junk Mail Protection
  • Blocked Senders
  • Filters
  • Vacation Message
  • Mail Forwarding
  • Add/Remove an Account

Account Settings

The Account Settings feature allows you to select how frequently you'd like to auto-check your Charter Email. You can also specify what email address you'd like replies to your messages sent to and determine what name you'd like displayed in your outgoing mail.
Your frequency options for checking Email are:

  • Manually
  • Every 10 minutes
  • Every 15 minutes
  • Every 30 minutes
  • Every Hour

account settings


You can save a default signature to appear on all of your outgoing messages.

  • Click the signatures link in the left-hand column then click the New Signature button.
  • Title the signature by typing in the Signature column
  • Type in the text you'd like to appear as your default signature in the Edit Signature Text column click Save .
  •  If you'd like the signature to appear on all messages sent from your account, check the box that reads 'Automatically Insert Default Signature'.


If you have multiple signatures created you will need to highlight which one you want to make your default. Once you set up your signatures you can choose which signature you want to use on individual emails when you are creating an email by clicking "Insert Signature".

Junk Mail Protection

You can choose to filter certain messages to your Junk Mail folder. This will keep potentially harmful messages out of your inbox. It is recommended, however, that you keep the default setting, Never deliver Junk Mail, for preventative purposes.

To report a message that you believe to be Junk Mail, click the Junk Mail button located in the menu bar.

junk mail protection

Blocked Senders

Turn the blocked senders feature on or off by selecting the appropriate radio button.

  • You can enter up to 250 email addresses or domains you wish to be blocked from sending messages to your Charter Email account.
  • Once you have entered the email addresses and/or domains you wish to be blocked, determine what action you would like taken with the blocked messages by selecting one of the radio buttons
    • Deleted immediately
    • Put in folder (select folder from the drop-down list)
  • If you entered blocked domains (example: domain.com) in the blocked senders text box, use the Exceptions List to enter email addresses with the blocked domain that you would like to be allowed senders.

blocked senders


Filters can be used to automatically redirect messages to a specified folder or destination based on the messages sender, recipients, or subject.


To activate a filter on your Charter Email account:

  1. Click the Add button.
  2. Enter a name for the filter in the Filter Title field.
  3. Choose any or all from the drop down menu.
  4. Select the conditions you'd like met in filtering messages as well as the action you'd like taken with the message after it is filtered. For example, if you'd like messages filtered from the sender name@domain.com and moved to your Junk Mail folder you would do the following:

If you would like to move the message to a folder not listed in the drop-down menu:

  1. Click the New Folder button and create a new folder.
  2. You can also choose to send the filtered message to an alternate email address instead of moving it to a folder. Check the box and type in the email address in the field if you would like to take this action.
  3. Click the Ok button when you are finished making changes.
  4. Finally, click the Save button to ensure all changes are saved and the filter is activated.

Vacation Message

To send an automated Vacation Message to let senders know you are away:

  1. Select the On radio button option.
  2. Then, select how you would like the automatic reply message to be sent
    • Only once (will only send a particular sender one message regardless of how many times that sender sends you a message.)
    • Reply each time (this option will send your Vacation Message to a sender every time a message is sent to you from that email address.)

vacation message

  1. Determine whether you would like to include the original message of the sender in your automated reply by checking the box.
  2. Type your vacation message text in the box on the right
  3. Click Save when you are finished.

Mail Forwarding

You can have your Charter Email forwarded to up to 5 alternative email addresses.


  1. Select the yes radio button option if you'd like to save the original copy in your Charter account.
  2. When you are finished, click the Save button to activate the Mail Forwarding feature.

Add/Remove an Account

Clicking the Add Account button under Preferences allows for the setup of connecting to and receiving emails from an external account, such as Yahoo! Email or others. The settings for Adding Accounts must be obtained from the external email address provider.

  1. Type in the email address and password of the account you would like to add.
  2. Select what type of account it is by choosing the appropriate radio button.
  3. Click the continue button.

add/remove account

  1. Enter your mail settings in the fields.
    • The incoming server name can be found by contacting your external email provider.
  2. Click continue to complete setup.

incoming mail preferences

If the external account has IMAP access, you may be able to transfer items from that account to Charter Email through drag and drop functionality.

You can check with the third party email provider to see if this is possible.

Mobile Device Setup


Click here for Android Email Settings


Click here for Blackberry Email Settings

iPhone or iTouch

Click here for iPhone or iTouch Email Settings

Windows Mobile 6.1

Click here for Windows Mobile 6.1 Email Settings

General Mobile

Click here for general setup information. These settings could be used if your mobile device is not listed above.

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