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Placing International Calls

There are two ways to place international calls from your Charter home phone.

How to make calls using your Worldwide 250 Plan

Dial *250. After the greeting, you will be prompted to enter the country code + the phone number. You must subscribe to this plan in order for this function to work.

  • Each time you dial * + 250, you will hear your minute balance so you won’t have to guess how many minutes are remaining.
  • You’ll receive two warnings when you are close to exhausting your minutes—at 5 minutes and at one minute remaining.
  • A new batch of 250 minutes will be refreshed on the first day of the next month. You will not be able to refresh your account during the same month once you have used up all 250 minutes.
  • If you need to make an international call before the first of the next month, you can use Charter’s low rates per minute by directly dialing 011.

By logging in at https://app1.idt.net/debit/2.0/charter/account/login.aspx you can view:

  • Your Minute Balance (Minute balance is delayed by 24-hours),
  • Call Details including
    • Recent calls,
    • Number of minutes used
    • Country called
    • Time call was palced
    • Day of call
    • Billing History.

To log in:

  • Enter your 10-digit Charter home phone number
  • Enter your PIN: The default password for the first log on is the last four digits of your Charter home phone number. You will be asked to change the password to a new 4-digit number.

Get more information on the Worldwide 250 Calling Plan

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How to make calls using your Mexico 200 or 500 Plan

Dial 011 + the country code + city code + the local phone number.

  • Your calls will be billed to your 200 or 500 plan
Click here to learn more about our Mexico 200/500 plan.

How to make international (rate per minute) calls

  -- Dial 011 + the country code + city code + the local phone number.

  • You will be connected at Charter’s low international rates per minute. There are no monthly fees and no connection fees.
  • To see a full listing of Charter’s international rates per minute or to look up a country code, click here.

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