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"No Data" on a Grey Screen

No Data on a Grey Screen
If you are seeing the words “No Data” on a grey screen on your TV follow these troubleshooting steps.

Send a refresh signal to your digital receiver:

  1. Click here and log in to your Charter My Account
  2. Select the My Bill & Services Tab
  3. Select My Services
  4. Click the Refresh button

All Digital Receivers (Standard, High Definition and DVRs) in your home will be refreshed. This process can take up to 15 minutes to complete.

Online refreshes of Charter Digital TV equipment is limited to one every 15 minutes for a maximum of 3 refreshes in a 24 hours period.

Reset (power-cycle) your digital receivers:

  • Motorola and Cisco/Scientific Atlanta Digital Receivers:
    Reset (power-cycle) all main/secondary receiver(s) by unplugging for 15 seconds then plugging back in. Wait until the clock displays, then turn on the power to the receiver(s).
  • Moxi Digital Receivers:
    Press and hold the Reset/Power button located on the front of the MOXI box

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